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Gor: The Shipwreck ...

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What had started as a drop of rain and a breeze had rapidly progressed into high winds and a storm the likes of which the Thassa hadn’t witnessed in many a month. The wind screamed in rage as rain battered down without mercy against the wild and choppy surface. Around Kassau the tall and heavy trees, many of them there before this generation of citizens creaked and moaned with fear as if they knew they were one violent gust away from their limbs being uprooted.

The town itself was almost deserted, save the occasional guard hunkering for cover where it could be given, the unlucky few who had been on duty for this eve. Inside homes Free and slave alike hunkered together to keep themselves dry, safe but not with confidence that the dwellings would fully last, yet there was nothing that could be done. Even those mightiest with blade and bow were helpless against the elements as they ripped through land with savage fury.

Back on land a roof was pulled from the building it covered, the scream of slave and Women alike not heard above the din as the roof, broken into pieces as it were bounced around, left them exposed to the elements. Rapidly abandoning the building for shelter elsewhere, and just as quickly becoming saturated from the rain, they fled to the inn, squeezing in to the already crowded building.

Tonight, the inn was silent, the rage of the storm silencing the familiar singing and dancing, the drunken bellowing of Men in humor or challenge. Tonight all were quiet as they waited the storm out.

Yet out to sea, almost lost in the darkness and gloom of the storm scarred sky a vessel continued to last against the elements. With waves that grew so large the vessel was dwarved, it remained, riding up and down the mighty swelling like a child’s toy. Onboard not a person was present. The ship, crewless, at the mercy of the sea and without captain rode a path of which there would be no recovery.

As mountains of angry waves continued to cover and collapse against the deck, the ship groaned with the pressure that was put on it, more than once almost capsizing yet somehow staying afloat. Lightning split the sky, the roar of thunder that followed deafening above the already ridiculously loud gales.

The ship creaked further was waves continued to batter against it with a power unmatched by any Man or weapon. Below fish of all types waited for the ship to sink, to submerge and provide them with new places to explore. There would be a new home for the parsit population.

A sudden change of direction forced the ship to alter course, the wind driving it forward at pace until, with the final splintering cry of its last journey, it smashed into the rocks north of the town. On the rocks it rested, split in two with a jagged, broken area that could have only been created by the murderous intent the rocks had for the ships that approached them.

As the morning approached and the storm began to subside, The shipwreck was shrouded in mist. It licked at the rotting skeleton bringing moisture to the deepening crevices. It had been a fine cutter in its day, a sail of finest linen and a sleek prow to slice the ocean. Now it was nothing, another wreck consigned to history. In all likelihood and with time and the elements it would eventually fade to nothing, all sign of it gone, memories faded. Yet that would not be the fate for this ship.

This ship, of which there was no sign of anyone being present. This ship which had spilled a combination of its cargo onto the shore would live forever in infamy amongst those of Kassau. The name “Vengeance” would soon come to be remembered …