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Gor: The Shipwreck Part 2

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Posted: 2017-06-30 3:54:27 am Category RolePlay Viewed 274 times Likes 4

WamphW awoke to clear skies after the events of the storm from the night prior. The piercing cry of gull's overhead a strak contrast to the howling of the winds and the violent drumming of rain as it had battered the town. A cry of surprise from outside caught My attention and, rapidly dressing and gathering the usual combination of steel and death I carried around, I headed outside to see what was going on

WamphW seeing a collection of towns folk heading towards the docks I hurried to the walkway that travelled around the inner wall, leaping over debris, branches, parts of a roof, even the odd piece of unfortunate wildlife, that the storm had deposited throughout the streets. Finally getting to the dock watch post I looked out across the shoreline and was met with the sight of a wrecked ship tightly intwerwoevn with the rocks that it had come to rest upon.

WamphW gave command without pause ... "You, take your men and form a perimeter. I want physicians and thralls on site to help move anyone still breathing, slave girls to assist in their recovery. No-one is to enter until it has been cleared as safe," I had said to the Guard on watch, a burly follow, tall and broad in stature with a braided bears that looked for all the world like he had stolen it from a bondsmaid and glued it to his face.

WamphW The guard nodded in confirmation, repeating the order to his own men who immediately sprung into action with the precision to be expected from well trained folk. I went with them, not one to leave others to do work that I was just as capable as doing, heading down to the shore with spear drawn into rt hand. The sight of a building without roof caught My attention, but that would have to wait for now as there were matters of a more pressing nature.

WamphW as I arrived at the wreck, the mist that had enveloped it through passing of storm to morning now dissapated, the Guards sent had formed a perimeter around the vessel. Two large painted eyes stared back from the wooden planks of the ship, the large rupture almost like a mouth in appearance in the way the rocks had ripped the wooden planks open. Yet it was not this that had captured the attention of the men. No, it was the contents which had spilled out onto the shoreline at which they were focussed.

WamphW as the ocean washed back and forth across the shoreline, waves lapping lightly against the rocks and the wreck, the shore itself was strewn with the cargo the ship had been carrying. Weapons of all varieties lay on the shore, sword, spear, shield, crossbow, and derivatives of, Tharlarion lances, Kaila lances. Yet if the bounty of weaponry was not enough, what was so exquisite was the craftsmanship. Each bit of wood, stained black as night was offset with the same golden insignia at the appropriate /me position, on the hilt of a sword, the base of a spear, carved and then filled with a golden weave that screamed out in contrast to the wood in which it was carved. And the steel, polished to the highest levels, again etched with the same intricate carvings. I had not seen this symbol before, not that I was any form of historial, but it was readily apparent that this was a gift for someone, a gift of war, perhaps?

But from who, and to who, needed to be determined. Oddly, however, there was nothing of Man, Women or slave on the shoreline. Nothing that gave away any sign of life whatsoever for that matter. In fact as I looked across the wreck, from the surface of it there didn’t appear to be any sight, nor sound, of life at all. Fearing all onboard had perished below deck seeking cover from the storm I made the decision to explore ..

2017-07-01 11:54:32 am there a name on the, what's left of it, I mean?
2017-07-02 5:12:41 pm
Be safe Wamph whose ship was it
2018-02-20 12:08:44 am
Riveting...can't wait to find out where that ship comes from and what the contents mean...Be Safe Warrior!