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Cabot and/or Men of Ven’dara

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Posted: 2018-04-25 9:07:39 am Category General Viewed 425 times Likes 6


I will get straight to the point. I’m quite frankly sick of the incessant bleeting of the Women of your home which, to be blunt, is happening because not a single one of you have done anything to keep them in their place. 

Making this extremely simple, man up and get a grip of your home because if I read or hear of another display of behaviour that I feel is in anyway unbefitting of Free Woman, or a Free Man or slave for that matter, of your home I will hold you accountable and My response will not be a polite message but it will involve Me coming to Ven’dara, I will massacre each and every Man of the home and I will burn the city to the ground. There will not be a 21st anniversary of your home if this continues. 

I will also extend the same consideration to any other home that decides to allow woman and slaves to run amok.

Regards, Wamph 

(OOC glad to hear your intestinal issue wasn’t too serious, hope you’re on the mend chat smile)