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To Kyrielle

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Posted: 2018-08-02 10:36:41 am Category General Viewed 345 times Likes 6

I usually make every effort to avoid stupidity on forums but for you I will make an exception. Why? Not because you are worth the time, because you aren't, not because you matter, as you don't and not even because you persist in referencing me in your posts. Why then am I making an exception here? Because I pity you and as any generally good human being should do I will always try help the needy.

So allow me to enlighten you a couple of things:

First of all how my name is spelt in a profile, in a blog, on a wall, on the ten commandments and even on the back of a phone box door with a telephone number next to it suggesting to call for a good time means absolutely nothing. The medium, like yourself, doesn't matter. I don't care. It has no bearing. Your hyperthetical slap in the face is non existent and reeks of hypocrisy. You accuse people of a lack of respect yet show none to members of a high caste in your comments and attitude towards them. Stones and glass houses spring to mind.

Regarding the homestone of Port Kar. The reason Bianciella has that is because I gave it to her. The reason I have it is because I was gifted by Gilgamesh aho obtained it from ... you get the idea. This is called roleplay. The interaction of people playing a role to enjoy themselves. This may be a foreign concept for you sat in your room alone, forced into trying to draw a rise out of people through forum posts laced with contempt just to have a means of interaction with anyone other than yourself but perhaps, just perhaps, if you actually tried to interact with people in a civil manner you may find yourself actually involved in some roleplay. Now you may while sproud some nonsense about not caring about people blah blah blah but quite frankly you're sat in a chatroom, in a community aimed at interacting with other people so whatever smart response you are thinking of typing just consider that for a moment. Roleplay. Interaction. Fun. If that is truely not what you are looking for then why bother being here at all?

The irony of all of that is again your own hypocrisy, given Auralee has multiple homestones of her own yet where are your smart mouthed comments in regards to that? Non-existent. Nadda. Nil. Zip.

What I will do is repeat my initial point. I pity you. I pity anyone who is that bitter, lonely and starved for attention that the only way they can obtain it is by trying to create and cause issues and drama. What is really a shame is that you are more than capable of good and engaging RP yet you persist in creating this bile filled persona and wearing it like a badge of honour leaving the vast bulk of everyone wanting nothing to do with you.

You may feel the need to respond to this and quite frankly I don't care if you do or you don't. Likewise anyone who wants to chirp in on this feel go nuts but know your comments won't be given the time of day.

Of course you can go bleeting to your ... I don't even know what it is anymore who may feel the desire to cry foul and try to seek some nonsesnical form of vengeance. I am not a hard person to find - after all, it is roleplay, interacting with others and having fun is what it is all about. Just be careful that the fun you are so despearately seeking doesn't end up with your "friends" or your own head rolling around on the floor separated from your shoulders because that is a whole load of fun for a whole load of people.