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𝘑𝘦𝘳𝘳𝘺 (*Jer, Andrews)
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Yesterday is the past, tomorrow is the future, but today is a gift, which is why they call it the present.

“Some luck lies in not getting what you thought you wanted but getting what you have, which once you have it you may be smart enough to see is what you would have wanted had you known. ”
― Garrison Keillor, Lake Wobegon U.S.A.

"I wake up to the sound of music, Mother Mary comes to me; Speaking words of wisdom...Let It Be" - Paul McCartney

Dad always said I aint bad but I know where bad lives... compliments of Jaxxy!

"Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself." (unkown)


How can we be sure...
If we have Loved
If only because we share?

Or... Is it because others share with us?...

When we awaken to changes in others
We find things to change in ourselves...
Hoping against hope that we will find,
The spirit of giving that has been left behind.
Many times others are unable to see
How much their decisions affect you and me

Life is a whirlwind of change
Just when things seem clear
The view becomes distorted
A new Love begins...
as another ends
Your Heart Awakens...
and Smiles!





A Baby's smile..
Your Lovers touch...
The feeling of belonging...
All because you care
So why should you worry?

Today will come and go.
Thinking that you have made a mistake...
All the feelings you have inside,
Are coming to the surface
You are not alone... Someone is with you...

Wondering why things end?
Only to begin with someone new.
You have been here before
And found your way home...

You really try to understand,
But the thoughts are clouded.
You can do it!
I believe in you!



~I Sometimes Wonder~

Sometimes I wonder and reflect...
And then I softly sigh
I know we have feelings
But I still wonder, why?...
Love comes to us, then leaves us feeling sad...
Then the next moment it smiles at us
and then again we are glad....
I wonder why our lives
are forever in a spin?
We gather our thoughts
and wait, for what we know is still within...
All the things that make us wonder
Are always on our mind
We need to stop and think
Are we really falling behind?
Our friends reach out to us
and we need to know the cause,
Because they wonder if we are
just waiting for life to pause...
All this and more I wonder
as I bring myself to huddle
For as always, as you know...
We live for our next Cuddle...

~Fire And Ice~
How could I know?
A winter storm came upon me
Nothing special...same as before
It would mean the difference between
Having my Angel near....and
being separated by the miles.....
A darkness fell
So dark that my eyes were blinded in the night
I thought of my Lovely Lady
And a tear gently fell.
What contains the fire within...?
Is it the thoughts, the tenderness....or maybe,
It is this wonderful feeling
That we mortals call, Love.
Whatever it is called
And wherever I may go
I know
My Angel is near
Because she has kindled
The fire within my heart
and we can never, really
Be very far Apart