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Current Mood: Curious
interMezzo (* kristine, *)
Female - 34 years old, *, United States
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Relationship Status: Married

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"Hey, what's up with your nic?"

I get that question a lot. As you probably know, an intermezzo is an instrumental interlude connecting two major scenes of an opera. It is also a metaphor for my life. I've come to appreciate Buzzen as a brief and pleasurable interlude between major scenes of my daily existence. Special thanks to Lady M for showing me the way.

"And just like that She picked me up and dusted me off. Without even trying, that's how our love was. When i was at my worst She saw me at my best."

Of the world’s many flowers I think dahlias are the most interesting. Miss Steele was especially adept at cultivating dahlias. She always managed to get the most out of them...

Some of my interests in no particular order: baroque music, literature, politics, gardening, cooking, kayaking, intelligent people, dogs, and, of course, visiting the chateau. 

But what I enjoy most these days is spending time with My dariya...

5-20-17: Since collaring dariya on 3/29 I have spent more time with her than anyone on the planet—including my husband. she is a constant joy. Suffice it to say these past 7-8 weeks have been some of the most rewarding / enjoyable of My life. Looking forward to many more….

Helpful Reminders:

A good Mistress will break your headboard….not your heart.

I’m a fan of inappropriate behavior. Just run it by Me prior to acting.

Relax, baby girl, Mistress is going to take care of that ache you told Her about.

I’m so damned easy to get along with. Just do everything I say, when I say it.

you’re not an option. you’re My priority.

Naked cuddles are best.

I hope your day was as nice as your ass.

“Sure, a cock can be impressive for a brief time, but knowing how to lick pussy makes a woman feel special, wanted, and appreciated.” Anon

Unhappy being a sub? Then renegotiate terms with your Dom/Domme. Still unhappy? Find another dominant. You say it won’t help matters? Here’s a quarter, call your mother and tell her you don’t wish to be a subbie any longer.

Update: I collared laura 08/30/2017.  Prior to that W/we had known each other for three years. Until last month she’d always considered herself “straight.” But as I pointed out, spaghetti is straight, too…until you get it warm and wet. (Yeah, Perv, I stole that from you.) Sine mendo est imitatio forma laudari. To say I’m pleased with the collar would be a gross understatement. laura is a bright, articulate, complex woman and our relationship – thank God - is about much more than D’s.