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interMezzo (* kristine, *)
Female - 35 years old, *, United States
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Relationship Status: Married

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"Hey, what's up with your nic?"

I get that question a lot. As you probably know, an intermezzo is an instrumental interlude connecting two major scenes of an opera. It is also a metaphor for my life. I've come to appreciate Buzzen as a brief and pleasurable interlude between major scenes of my daily existence.

"And just like that I picked her up and dusted her off. Without even trying, that's how O/our love was. Even at her worst I saw her true potential."

Some of my interests in no particular order: Baroque music, literature, politics, gardening, cooking, kayaking, intelligent people, dogs, and, of course, D/s…

Helpful Reminders:

A good Mistress will break your headboard….not your heart.

you’re not an option. you’re My priority.

I promise to treat you like a princess and fuck you like a porn star.

I’m a fan of inappropriate behavior. Just run it by Me prior to acting.

Relax, baby girl, Mistress is going to take care of that ache you told Her about.

I humiliate, push, degrade, and challenge you so that you will correctly honor My superiority and I don’t apologize for that.

“Sure, a cock can be impressive for a brief time, but knowing how to lick pussy makes a woman feel special, wanted, and appreciated.” Anon

I’m so damned easy to get along with. Just do everything I say, when I say it.

Naked cuddles are best.

I hope your day was as nice as your ass.

Unhappy being a sub? Then renegotiate terms with your Dom/Domme. Still unhappy? Find another dominant. You say it won’t help matters? Here’s a quarter, call your mother and tell her you don’t wish to be a subbie any longer.

Stages on Life’s Way:

Update 02/18/2018:

A Beautiful Butterfly Returns to My Garden

Last year she would visit Me often in the garden, so cute in her new collar. Her first Domme collar. It had been a tumultuous year for her to be sure. A perfect storm of family problems had hit her all at once. Moreover, her dalliance with Gor had ended abruptly.

But a Mistress? This was something new. Something she had never considered. After all, she was “straight.” Nevertheless, W/we enjoyed a lovely chemistry. No doubt a fearful symmetry in her eyes, at times, for there was no denying the fact our mutual passion was off the charts.

But she was “straight!” How could this be happening?!

Sometimes it felt as though her head would explode as she attempted to process these new feelings and sensations. And there were old friends to consider. What would they think?

she had been a devoted wife and mother for many years—ignoring her own needs. Family always came first (and rightly so). But one day she awoke to find her children raised and out on their own. she was still happily married but now they were more akin to old friends than lovers. Each comfortably ensconced in their own daily routine. There was a void in her life.

What to do? How would she fill the void? She was still young. What new pursuits were in store for her?

None, it seemed, after three years of fruitless searching. Eventually, she grew lonely and then worse…morose.

We had known each other three years prior to My collaring her. “Just friends,” to use the vernacular of our age. We would chat with each other in the rooms, just the normal frivolous banter. Then one night she came to me in whisper, after imbibing too much wine, in the depths of despair.

For once she was completely candid about her situation - In vino veritas - lamenting the fact she was “so miserable.” she had no one to tell her innermost secrets to. No one to lean on when work and family problems overwhelmed her. she was desperate to find someone to provide her with the emotional sustenance she craved.

“If only I had someone!” she cried.

“Someone, or some guy?” I asked.

“Someone,” she shot back.

And it was then I knew…

There are so many middle age women on Buzzen who are broken and/or damaged. Some are beyond repair. Others simply need some nurturing. laura needed nurturing and a bit of mothering, as do many women her age.

Two months later she was wearing My collar.  W/we had a lovely honeymoon that first month. But I could see storm clouds on the horizon. The denial and self-doubt were still there.

Damnit, she was “straight!”

One night she blurted out, “I can’t do this anymore. Please release me.”

Very well.

Looking back, I think I handled that awkward situation as well as one could under the circumstances. I remarked that I had enjoyed our time together, for the most part, and respected her decision to spread her wings and fly away.

Moreover, I said I admired her courage for what she had done insofar as taking up with Me for a brief time. Each of us must find our own way in this ever-coarsening world and we must do so on our own terms. Our parting was cordial that night and our paths continued to cross occasionally during the intervening months, prompting polite greetings but nothing more.

Then one day, out of the blue, I received an email from her, apologetic in tone, its understated purpose clear: a gentle probe as to the likelihood of a rapprochement. Thus began the obligatory feeling out process: a frank discussion of needs and wants. What made her believe things would be different this time? It was not My habit to hand out Velcro collars. Soon the usual clichés were flying back and forth.

But in point of fact it was different this time. My beautiful butterfly was no longer fluttering aimlessly about in a barren field of self-denial. During the next few weeks laura’s transformation was nothing short of breathtaking. Her realization and admission that she was in love with another woman was perhaps the key to discovering her true self. It took great courage to admit who and what she was. She was not straight, she was bi. Simple enough to type but difficult to internalize.

Moreover, like other women in demanding career positions, saddled with myriad responsibilities, there are times laura feels compelled to release the enormous stress load on her shoulders by submitting to an authoritarian-type figure. Thus the collar.

(The data suggest this role reversal is not as unusual as one might suppose.)

O/our relationship is a curious thing to behold. During weekdays W/we banter back and forth from work as co-equals, discussing everything from husbands to gardening. But when away from her job and family laura exhibits all the characteristics of a true submissive. her raison d’être is to please her Mistress.

It’s quite remarkable to watch this worldly woman, so mature, poised, and elegant assume the demeanor of a devoted woman-child as she gratefully submits to her Mistress. Such dutiful devotion is both arousing and endearing. It’s even more remarkable when one reflects on the fact she boasts a Beretta shotgun collection which would make even the most ardent NRA member envious. She’s also a crack shot.

Be that as it may, there’s no mistaking the fact that when she enters My garden she does so as My naked, willing, dutiful devotee. The process is always the same: prim, proud, and proper laura retreats to a far corner of her mind as her submissive, wanton alter ego succumbs to the demands of her Mistress.  

Admittedly, I’m quite proud to be in control of this precious submissive for a few lovely hours each week. And as long as laura can submit to Me a few times during that interval – thankfully, she’s not the needy type requiring attention 24/7 – she remains happy and sane. But let a week pass without visiting the garden and she becomes irritable and has trouble focusing.

All of which is quite flattering in a sense. But it’s also quite sobering. A complex, mature woman entrusting her emotional, psychological, and sexual well-being to another is nothing to take lightly. Nor do I. I am honored to have laura as My submissive. I trust I will provide her with as much sustenance as she provides Me.

My beautiful butterfly has come home to stay.

Collared laura 08/30/2017.  Prior to that W/we had known each other for three years. Until a month before her collaring she’d always considered herself “straight.” But as I pointed out, spaghetti is straight, too…until you get it warm and wet. (Yeah, Perv, I stole that from you.) Sine mendo est imitatio forma laudari. To say I’m pleased with the collar would be a gross understatement. laura is a bright, articulate, complex woman and our relationship – thank God - is about much more than D’s.   

5-20-17: Since collaring dariya on 3/29 I have spent more time with her than anyone on the planet—including my husband. she is a constant joy. Suffice it to say these past 7-8 weeks have been some of the most rewarding / enjoyable of My life. Looking forward to many more….