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Current Mood: High
amy4all (amy, a)
Female - 49 years old, Suffragette, United States
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Relationship Status: Widow/Widower

Updated: 2018-03-12 12:00:57 am Viewed 7,720 times Likes 26

Hey, y'all!  Hoping for something fun here, who knows?  A new friend told me about it, and he's a little nuts, so I'll give it a look!  Since I'm more of a "do-er" than a talker, I hate talkin about myself.  Goofy, casual, silly, intense, independent, openminded, determined, party-fiend, excitable girl who just wants to have fun!  Living a lifelong nudist lifestyle, too. How's that?  lol  All that on top of being a great mom, daughter and friend!  I like my wine, my herb, my music, DiNiro, Denzel, Serena, Sarah (Silverman), DeVito.....ok, movies, too. Ok, that's enough for now!

If you want to chat (and you know you do!), please have your profile filled out.  Otherwise, getting my attention might be a challenge!


Got it?  If not, forget it! lol