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hanna (*hanna, *buckley )
Female - *Conwy , United Kingdom
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Relationship Status: Undisclosed

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hanna of earth resident had education in crafting and a few other skills at her high school,  after she finished high school her education was at the local college was found to be awarding and pleasant. While there she had a close net of friends we would laugh and we would travel on motorbikes spending the weekends down twisting wendy roads feeling the wind blowing in the hair on to her face. such joyful college days, Her family was close and we would have fun, really pleasant memories. She misses them days greatly..Her journey to Gor started one late day while heading to her friend house, This girl house was half-hour walk away from her close friend house her own house was close to woods and fields, she lived the other side of field that was often filled with many different flower and scents, she would walk through these the field of many flowers to reach her friend's house, it would only take a half-hour to reach her house. But on this day it as been raining with some fog, in some places it was hard to see, it was misty haze and cool wind She felt free and so alive to feel the rain and the wind on her face,, to her dismay from the distance she heard horse hoves stamping along the floor she could not see till they come close enough to see two men on horseback with leathers and other clothing she never had seen before it was very clear they where not from her world but from another world. She turned to run away scared and screaming to leave her alone, one of the men had thrown a heavy net over my body, she cried to let her go but she pleads but falls on deaf ears. They spoke in a language she did not understand and she did not know anything she was a simple girl. She was picked up and placed on the back of one of the horses. It felt like hours still she came across cast it had turned out to be slaver cast. There cast color blue and yellow and sold humans as money earners.  Her fate had been sealed on that day.  She is was uncivilized and untrained, to gorean she has known as a barbarian.  She had lost her freedom and all self-worth. The day after she was sold to served to cast of the Merchants. They wear the colors of white and yellow. After a short while, she begs to be realized. After since she become wary of any frees or slaves.