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Ƈãěrÿÿ™ (Caeryy, Wang)
Female - 19 years old, United States
Sexual Orientation: Straight
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I want a person who is like them.  Very sweet.

나는 사람들과 무슨 문제인지ㅣ 모른다. 그들은 이해함으로써 배우지 않는다. 그들은. 어떤 다른 방법으로 - 기계나 무언가에 의해 배웁니다. 그들의 지식은 너무 약해! 자세히 알아보.ㄴ :

Rlchard P.  Feyyman

naneun salamde.ulgwa museum munjeinji moleunda. geudeul-eun

ihaehham-eulosseo baeuji annhneunda. geudeul-eun

eottteon. daleun bangbeob-eulogigye na mueonga-e

uihae ibaeubnida. geudeul-ui jisig-eun nieomu yaghae!

Those who play God are probably not.

Caery-wang So

Problem: Bipolar disorder (SCT 13746004) Date/Time Entered: 08 Jun 2017 @ 1200


Note:  Most pain doesn't come from chat.  But I need not go there.

[12:26p] Edited by ƠƦƖƓƖƝƛԼ : Warning: Bi-Polar disorder will fuck up your emotions. My thoughts run really fast and are laced with seizures and hallucinations… I am delusional and very vulnerable because you have broken me and I reconstituted myself into who I am now. I do look for pieces of life, some mooring perhaps, or a steadfast rock. I am not looking to be owned because I am searching for something, a visceral thing, something original. Bandages, there have been tons. I do have still ponds. Some are painful tears you caused, others are found in the elegance that comes my way. Some are the clothes and an adorable size. I can smile sometimes because somewhere I found that little something to spark that carefree wind. As a young woman I am happy even though most people tell me to chill, to grow-up. “Oh well” I am a teen, and I am hotter than you, so Get Over it. I have no compunction to tell you how I feel. I do

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Korean-American - famished -  "That girl you have just called fat, she is hungry because she's not eating anything.

The man you laught at for crying, he has just lost her mother.

The boy you called gay the other day, he has comitted to suicide a few minuts ago.

The pregned girl you called slut,

she was raped some months ago. You think you know them? Well, you don't. -