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How To Install A Tile For Kitchen Backsplash

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How To Install A Tile For Kitchen Backsplash

The kitchen is one of the most used places in the home, and it needs to be updated all the time. If you are tight on budget, then it's one of the easiest ways to repair a kitchen. Back splashing a tile is an easy method, and here we are providing you a complete guide to nail this job.

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How to Install Backsplash Tile

✓First, you need to find the center of the wall that must be in between the countertop and cabinet. Also, make the space of about ¼” for the grout line at the bottom. It would be good if you mark the center, so there is no need to measure and check the point twice. If you are using a tool like a laser level, then you don’t have to mark.

✓To cut the tile for a backsplash, you need to use a dry tile cutting machine to make a perfect square as per your measurement. Once you are done with the cutting of a tile, place it on the area and check whether it's suitable in size or not? You can finish the edges without chipping a tile with the help of a tile saw and ensure that the rest of the tiles are of the sameu9 size as well to avoid any disturbance in alignment.

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✓Start the work from the center point and use a small knife to apply the solution on the wall for tile attachment. Use a trowel to create texture on the wall for a strong grip and set the tile in a proper position. The tile must be placed in a proper position to avoid movement until it’s sticking to the place.

✓Use the tile spacers while attaching more tiles on the wall and make sure you are applying the thin line of the solution on the wall to maintain consistency. The tiles must be in one direction, of one size, and alignment should be up to the mark. You can use a laser level device to keep an eye on alignment problems.

✓Once you are all done with the attachment of tiles, remove spacers, and leave it for a whole night. Now it’s time to apply the grout on the tiles to fill the spaces and to have the final picture of a tile installation.

✓At the time of applying grout on the tiles, ensure that you are wiping off excess at the same time as it will not be possible later to remove it easily. To cut the process short, you can do the wiping work at the same time. Once you are done with the grouting, leave it for 24 hours, and your tile is all set to use.

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A backsplash of the tile is not that hard task to attempt, and even if you are a beginner, by following the guide it will be easy for you to install tiles perfectly. In this way, you can attempt multiple projects to renovate your home or your room. If you are a professional worker, then a small task can boost your confidence. Visit our website to learn more about and upgrade yourself.

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