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Advertisers vs Users

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Posted: 2016-03-07 5:01:53 pm Category General Viewed 73 times Likes 1

As a webmaster it's always frustrating when you have to abide by a third-party's rules. Advertisers want everything as close to PG as possible. When you depend so much on advertisers you have very little choice but to abide by their rules. Users of the site rarely want to hear such things. They tend to stick to freedom of speech and expression, and who are you to tell them what they can post on a website. Sadly we just can't work that way. Everyone is subject to certain rules and it's no different for Buzzen. The simple answer would have been to just delete all pictures or remove albums all together. Buzzen is lucky to have a dedicate staff of volunteers that are willing to remove pictures that violate the new rules individually allowing the rest of the pics to stay.

Nice to have a good staff!

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2016-03-07 7:52:06 pm
I think that because it is an open forum that its good to keep things from getting too out of control in certain things such a spictures and with private albums and other such things, its probably for the best of all concerned that there are restrictions to keep things in check. I understand the frustration of some in regards to what might seem to be a restrction of their right to express but in the end, I think it keeps things on a even keel. You are all doing a great job.
2016-03-15 6:33:53 pm
Koodos to all the buzzen staff that have given their free time to remove all the pictures they have had to. My thanks go out to these volunteers that give their endless time to work with buzzen and help to make it a better place!!!