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Current Mood: Flirty
Female - 51 years old, *, United States
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Relationship Status: Divorced

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This slave was collared 10/7/19 (it is a plain black and silver collar with the name of the city ‘The City of Port Olni’ it is locked with a separate lock.

she dressed in a leather dress, it having blue beads and moccasins on the feet of the girl, as instructed by Mistress Maiya

                                   11/25/19 her collar has been changed,  it now reads "Property of Bashir and Mapiya"  un-restricted use.

Given the use of the name faith in regards to the faith of the Free of the Home have in her to be all a slave is supposed to be.

placed on a girl on 10/12/19 (a copper bell on a leather thong)   it's song can be heard at 


(Skype: faith CPO)


Any may correct/punish her, please send the offending scroll to

                                                   Master Bashir         (

                                                   Mistress Mapiya     (