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jakar (*, *)
Female - 58 years old, *, United Kingdom
Sexual Orientation: Not your Business
Relationship Status: Married

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Brunette, sparkling midnight blue eyes matching a lively equally dark mind only a few are privy to truly know.  A  complex insecure girl with wild passionate emotions and a heart that loves too deeply and cares too much,  a mischievous sense of humour and a razor sharp tongue that slashes through hypocrisy and deceit in an instant. A need to serve and please is what drives her.

Gor is harsh, Gor is not fair BUT Gor does have HONOUR

'you have a god given talent to excite a man and the intellect to maintain that interest' - from a Friend(19/03/2017)

 my sanctuary, Waterfall Cottage.

The below quote is so me!

Her feelings were easily hurt, a valuable property in a slave girl. Too, she could not control her feelings, another excellent property in a slave girl. Her feelings, vulnerable, deep, exploitable, in her expressions and on her face, betrayed her, exposing her to men, and their amusement, as helplessly as her stripped beauty. They made her more easily controlled, more a slave." Page 103-104- Tribesmen of Gor