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😈Jereмy™😈 (Jeremy, duh!!)
Male - 38 years old, Jackson TN, United States
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Relationship Status: Single

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What you wanna know? I am 38 currently, i will be 39 March 21st., I am originally from Massachusetts, i am very vocal, am i crazy sometimes, i have a lot of anger in me at times as well, probably due to what i have struggled with for years, and that is depression, when you loose so many people in your life, its hard not to feel that way, for instant my mom passed in 2010 due to lung cancer on June 26th, will never forget that date, its because the day she died, well she died infront of me, i am someone that knows cancer well, i talk about it at times, but its been the first time i been open about it, maybe i am just open minded since last time i was here, anyways at 5 years old i sufferered from a brain tumor, and survived it, i am not suppose to be here, but i am, i beat many odds from there, they said i would never drive i did it, i would never work, i do it, i am so good at a lot of stuff i do, but in reality i am a underdog, i proven myself so many times, that i can do anything i want, anyone can actually, just got to have the proper mind, as i been getting older however, i get side effects, such as my hearing and vision is getting weaker, but i still go on and do what i have to, i do not give up!! my trend is #NEVERGIVEUP, either should any of you, i have became a little spirtual over the past year, i believe more in god, because of the hurt i seen with me, and a lot of others, and god has helped me make better choices


I am also a scripter of IRC, obvously ain't it? so people ask sometimes why did i come back to buzzen? well i made mistakes due to depression in the past, my anger got the best of me, i am more calim now, so after 3 years, it was time come back, i wasn't thinking of anyone but myself when i was first here, i didn't care about of you, today, well i care a lot about you all, in fact i own and i wanna make you guys scripts, and help anyone i can for now on, i am not dedicated to me anymore, i am deticated to all of you, and make you happy! I am not going anywhere this time either.. I am gonna stay with you all this time, help buzzen bring traffic, and help all of you best i can.. if i hurt anyone in the past, i want to say i am sorry, i was selfish then, today i am better.


Anyways happy chatting to all of you, if you wanna chat with me, whisper me if you like, can't promise i will answer, but i will get back to you, i am mainly in Open Minded owned by lissi SSC and Mountain and PaperWolf, great bunch of people, i really reccomend you check there room out!!



Looking back i clearly see what it is that is killing me, through the eyes i wanna know see a vision wants to go(i have it all) constantly it bugs me, hard to trust you can't believe, lost of faith, lost of a love, when the day is done, mall">Will they open their eyes, and realize we are one, On and on we stand alone until our day is gone, mall">Will they open their eyes, and realize we are one

mall">I love the way you feel today and how i know the sun will fade, darker days seem  to be what will always live in me(but still i run) its hard to walk this path alone, and how to know which way to go, will i ever save this day, will it ever change Will they open their eyes, and realize we are one, On and on we stand alone until our day is gone. Will they open their eyes, and realize we are one, Still today we carry on, I know our day will come, Will they open their eyes, and realize we are one