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Sɦɪяʟɛỵ (Shirley, **)
Female - 53 years old, southern Illinois, United States
Sexual Orientation: Straight
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Since I work at Walmart, figured I would start sharing some of the things I see.

So, this dude has long white hair, in a pony tail, a white/greyish stash and beard, and about 2 teeth.  He is standin there, starin at my co worker, as she takes chickens out of the oven.  The whole time, he is starin....he is scratchin his ass chat smile

Another reason why I love the cold weather, people are more inclined to wear clothes when it's chilly!!

It's almost xmas time. I see my share of ugly xmas sweaters!!! Would rather see those than the guy dressed in unicorn jammies chat smile Sure hope there isn't a baby new year this time around. Seeing a middle aged man in just a diaper and top hat, is one I wish I could unsee!!

Not all customers suck.  Of course xmas is a busy time and we get swamped. I am helping customer after customer in the deli. Slicin this, slicin that. When I finally get down to my last customer, I ask her what I can get for her. She says, "All I want is for you to breathe for a minute." All I could say back is "I love you."