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sahasra~Helisto (sahasra, Gor)
Female - 20 years old, *Gor, United Kingdom
Relationship Status: Undisclosed

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Born as Free in the City of Turia.  Her parents were named Arlenius and Sophia.  Both of the Caste of Physicians, very skilled in Their profession.  She vaguely recalls having a weathly & loving lifestyle.  They had a small hospital in the grounds of the Home

Devoted to her Father, she used to follow Him around the tiny ward, often assisting the healing slaves as they tended the sick.  Girll had aspired to follow in Their footsteps as a Physician but the dream ended abruptly.   Her Father died unexpectantly.  Her Mother was devastated and couldn't cope

The beautiful Home she once knew went into disrepair, the slaves were sold and her loving Mother passed away with a broken heart.  This one was left all alone.   she was sold by one of her Mother's friends to a slaver.  Too young for the slavers block, girl's life began in fear of the Free.  her life had changed......she was now nothing........a worthless beast of a girl.  she spent her young life avoiding the kiss of the whip by working hard, pleasing the new Master

Reaching her 14th year, the slaver looked upon girl's developing beauty with a lustful eyes.  Wanting this lusicous beast for himself yet knowning the worth of a virgin slave she was sold on the slaver's block.  Bought by a travelling merchant she crossed to many parts of Gor.  He was a kindly Man but a heavy gambler.  They had been in a tavern in Port Kar as He played kaissa with a sea captain.   The Master had lost heavily that day and girl recalls vividly the moment He looked down into worried sapphire gems, shaking His head as He bet girl in the final game.  He lost!!   And the last she saw of the Merchant a rough hand had gripped her hair, screaming out of the tavern, dragged through the town and thrown into chains below deck with many other slaves

shackled in darkness, the stench overpowering, curled in a corner as all around slave girls cried piteously.  Only allowed on deck for an ahn each day but grateful for even that.  During that time, girl caught the eye of a  young Officer.  They would meet and slip away to a secluded place on deck.  girl worshipped Him, happier than she had been for a long time

They remained at sea for many weeks, the small vessel tossing against the mighty Thassa until the ship finally docked.  The Officer loved his little slave girl .  He had arranged girl's escape and would meet with her on land.  However, was not to be. Their plan had been discovered.  girl was to be hidden safely in a large empty barrel on the dockside.  But His fate was death, His throat sliced, the Captain finding out before He had a chance to leave the ship.  girl had waited in that stiffling barrel till the 3 moons rose and the midnight sky had kissed the isle

Left alone on once more, knowing she would be sought, fled to the alleyways, eating from the discarded food thrown in the street, bathing in the stream nearby and stealing what she could from the market place.  girl was befriended by a market trader and would go to His stall daily where she was given morsels of food, barely enough to sustain her tiny body, knowing there would come a time when He would demand payment.  One night, her luck ran out.  He had sought girl out after a night drinking heavily in the tavern and tried to force girl to repay His kindness.  she fought like a she sleen, scratching His face and running away.  He reported the slave, she was caught and taken to the Militia Keep and imprisoned again.......

The Free of the Isle has allowed this lowly beast to live.  saha was collared to the Isle of Helisto this day 13 September 2018.  she will strive to honour and devote her life to pleasing the Free at all times and in all her deeds.

Due to r/l this one may have to leave suddenly.  she begs mercy if girl has to go.  It is not girls intention to be disrespectful.  she hopes it is a short time issue

sahasra is taking some time away from Gor.  May the Priest Kings bless all those on the Isle.