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täshä~HòTfg~Rrs~Helisto~fg's Profile

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täshä~HòTfg~Rrs~Helisto~fg (tasha, HoTalarius)
Female - 58 years old, Gor, Canada
Relationship Status: Undisclosed

Updated: 2016-10-25 5:36:26 pm Viewed 315 times Likes 2

a girl was collared to House of Talarius by her Mistress Aneesha on October 17, 2009 ...made sg of HoT on December 22, 2009. On April 16, 2010, tasha was honored to be branded with the lovely brand of HoT ... a marriage of the letters T and A representing her Owners ... Achieved the designation of scribe slave on November 27, 2012 ... was awarded, by her Owners, 2 sets of silks with HoT embellishment sewn and a silver bracelet with blue stones for her certification ... December 27, 2013, tasha was made fg of Helisto ... January 6, 2014 tasha's Master presented her with a gold tag attached to her collar with the fg initials ... April 28, 2014 tasha was presented with an anklet with merry bells, quill charm, inkpot charms that was a gift from her Owners and made by Lady Kiaa ... September 2, 2014  tasha received a personal brand from her Mistress which can be viewed on her left butt cheek ... on October 12, 2016, was gifted with a waist chain with two hearts, one inside the other, from her Owners ... on October 20, 2016 was gifted with a white and gold fg whip for her 7th anniversary in Their collar.



mall">tasha is fully restricted both from furring and sweetened serves ... tasha has been told by her Mistress to include that she is currently not for sale and to not ask as refusals often offend ...  

mall">Writing, music and dancing

mall">working on her Gor website and Gor Dictionary as well as writing essays

mall">The click of her collar lock is the most beautiful sound of her submission