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i love this song....and can relate to it....but i sometimes fall back...and forget how strong i can be


"You are balking at sounding strong .....Don't!"   ,  Lcky   


**visit s and myself as we gather with F/riends**

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in regards to jazmine and myself.....

"You two are like twins separated at birth, lol".......HH



If you ever find

yourself doubting

you can make it through

a challenge,

simply think back

to everything

you've overcome

in the past.


"savoring the pleasureable pain, that soon becomes the painful pleasure"



You will face many defeats in your life,

​but never allow yourself to be defeated.

​        ~maya angelou~


    Behind my smile is everything

             you'll never understand...


  W/we  all have felt this way....losing S/someone special...

not wanting to go on....

and even though the following song touches  

upon some of these's not posted here for any reason

other than to let these feelings out, to move on...

to relish the surviving friendship.

and..because its a great song, and i love Jon Secada!!