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Current Mood: Hopeful
willow~SS~Thentis (jewel, black)
Female - 39 years old, United States
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Relationship Status: Single

Updated: 2018-12-11 12:11:32 am Viewed 178 times Likes 2

I walked into Thentis, a Gorean home and have taken a collar there, to serve the Master and Mistress. They have provided me with the detailed RP i sought in other D/s rooms and had not found. I have always been curious to learn new things and take this new path. I have been given the name *willow* due to the fact that i do not usually bend so easily.



I consider myself rather spirited, having a wild and feral side as well. I have usually more D/s based but am curious about other things as well. I tend to be drawn to those of a kindred type like me, that enjoys control, detailed scenes and even just spending time online together.

I am 5ft 5inches tall, have long, muscular limbs. My skin is pale, but adorned with a scattering of freckles.Hair is the color of crimson and hangs about my form in an abundance of curls. My eyes are my best feature, i believe, almost akin to a forest green i am told.

I do not bend easily to just anyone, am rather willful at times.