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yasmina (yasmina, *)
Female - 47 years old, Boswell Pass, Gor, United States
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Relationship Status: Undisclosed

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Profile pictures reflect how i see my character

If we have not met in RP, i do not know You in pm's

Any issues with her should be taken to the Free of the home


RP Info:

 age   - 21

desc.  - 5'4"

       - waterfall of shimmering inky black hair flowing over soft supple shoulders,

          cascading down till it nestles against the small of her back

      - is a barbarian slave (not originally from Gor)

      - some times is not sure how to fit in  


          ~ Captured by Haigan in the Boswell Pass 10/7/2018 ~


~ i willlingly entered the home and accepted the consequences of my actions

~ i do not need rescuing. i am happy within my predicament

~ any negativity towards me about the home and its members will be ignored



- Not allowed to travel

- Not allowed to be used sexually ie. lapping, cuddling and so forth


                 *Promises aren't meant to be broken*

If i click like on your profile/blog,

  i simply liked it or something in it

  i am not hitting on you


*please do not ask for real life information.

  i wish to keep chat and my life beyond it seperate*