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laura_S (laura, *)
Female - 48 years old, where i belong, United States
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Relationship Status: Undisclosed

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                                                   Profile picture reflects how i see my character

                                                           i have only one name in chat      

                                                                  He completes me                        

RP Info: (Gor)

 age   - 21

desc.  - 5'4"

       - deep brown eyes

       - waterfall of shimmering firey red hair flowing over soft supple shoulders,

          cascading down till it nestles against the small of her back

       - was a barbarian slave


 Jan 1/19  - Proudly wears the personal collar of SamosSL

            - learning to be everything He wants, needs and desires

            - is extremely happy

            - completely loyal and devoted to Him


Jan 6/19 - gifted a gold belly chain from Master

          - it hugs the hips, hanging low in the front with a pendant bearing His brand


May visit Vendara and Thentis on her own when He is at work

Any other travel will be with her Master

No lapping and restricted to His use

Leash is always attached to collar unless He removes it


*when in public or travelling, she will be adorned in sheer red silks that are slit up the sides, past mid thigh then laced up to the waist. the feathery light fabric hangs down the front and back to mid thigh and the front is low cut almost to her navel with a thin belt adorning her waist. It is what her Master wishes for her to wear and she is proud to display His property*


- not interested in hearsay,gossip or slander

     nor do i care about your past

- if i click like on something, it simply means i liked it

     do not read more into it...i am content where i am


To Those who i have not met yet but have shared kind words with me...i am unable to respond personally(not on Your friends list) but i wanted You to know that Your words are greatly appreciated and touched my heart.


Use actions not words

Do not tell them you care if you don't

Do not say you will be there if you won't

Do not say they are your world if they are not

Show them you are more than mere words

Actions do speak louder than words


A few lessons learned:

A collared slave is a reflection of their Owner

you are always accountable for your words and actions 

All slaves, collared or uncollared should feel a deep desire to be pleasing to the Free. 

There is always some one willing to help you on your journey, you need only seek them out

Communication is respectful and remember the Free have the final word 

It is better to try and fail (lesson to be learned) then to not try all (laziness is not an excuse)


Anything worth while, worth having is also worth working for.

If you sit and wait for things to go your way,life will pass you by.

If there is no place to go, make your own place and work at it.

Too many say that there is nothing out there

but if you do not contribute to helping it grow,

do you really have a right to complain?