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zahara (zahara, *)
Female - 49 years old, *, United States
Sexual Orientation: Straight/Heterosexual
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*for rp purposes*

Pictures are a simple portrayal of how i see the character

RP age: 21


 - 5'3", tanned flesh, brownish green eyes

 - most likely covered in mud

her story:

It may have started out as a typical evening in her household but it would be one that would change the course of a young girls life forever. The last thing she remembers is sharing a meal with her parents and becoming unusually groggy. As her eyes became heavy with the need to sleep, she felt her father lift her up and carry her outside to the family wagon. That was the last memory she had of the only home she had known. When she awoke she found herself shivering and laying on the ground beneath a large tree deep in what felt to be a dense foreboding forest. This was the beginnig of her harsh lessons on survival, including the many scars that would be a constant reminder.

(she does not know why she was abandoned by her family)

As the endless days and cold evenings passed her by, she slowly began to learn the most important lesson that would save her life, at least for now. The color of her flesh made her an easy target to spot for would be predators, on two legs and four so mud, dirt and debris became her go to tools to disguise herself. If she coated herself from head to toe, she learned how to blend in with her surroundings despite how it would have made her look if some one had actually seen her. There were a few close calls but she managed to avoid being captured and possibly lunch for a hungry animal. Speech became unneccessary since there was no one to converse with but she learned to mimic some of the sounds of nature. It was a challenge but she managed to  force her stomach to aceept what could be found to eat to keep from starving.  

Time seemed to drift away, each moment blending into the next  until it became apparent to her that either that she had wandered farther than she had thought or the civilized world was getting too dangerously close to where she roamed but there was also a sense of curiousity that would one day be her downfall if she was not careful. she discovered that amongst the villages there was an abundance of food to be found that did not include berries, raw fish and bugs, yes bugs as disgusting as it sounded to put such a thing in ones mouth.

(word to the wise - make sure its dead first otherwise it will bite back)

she has discovered a small stream that winds its way from a rather remote village and she has seen no sign of travel along it thus far so taking a chance she decides to make it a temporary home. Near the waters edge there is a large decaying log which makes a good hiding spot for her once the insides are torn out. Covered in mud and tucked beneath it she cat naps, always allowing herself time to be alert to the sounds and sights around her so that she is not caught off guard. The stream will hopefully provide a source of food as well as a opportunity to rinse off to re-apply fresh mud as needed.

The rest of her story is yet to be written as life can change within the blink of an eye. Who knows what might be in store for this young woman as she continues to strive for her own survival. 

(Danger lurks in the shadows from predators, hunters snares,  getting caught for stealing  or worse- one day her luck may run out)


*If you attempt to rp with her,  please do not use information about her or her situation that you have not learned through the process of rp - including her name*

*if you are simply looking to get your jollies, please dont bother me*

*If you wish to speak to me just message - please dont be a poptart in a room you have no interest in participating in*

Is eternally grateful for the kindness of One who shared of His time to create the perfect room name  for her :

                                                                                  Labyrinth of Fate*