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Current Mood: Content
uni~K~CF (uni, *)
Female - 49 years old, At His feet, United States
Sexual Orientation: Straight/Heterosexual
Relationship Status: Single, not dating

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*for rp purposes*

Pictures are a simple portrayal of how i see the character

RP age: 21


 - 5'3", tanned flesh

- her eyes remind her Master of a sunset

- they darken when she is deep in thought

- has a little yellow flower marked in flesh behind right ear


                                             History is now in the group ...most blogs now private


- Is the prized possession of the Trapper Kohen

- His steel adorns her slender throat

- Is branded with the letter K ~ left upper thigh

- Is extremely content with Him ... your opinion is not needed

- she is His  now and always


her home is with her Master in Crystal Falls  under the RP section of chat

It is a RP room ... please treat it as such

- Don't be a poptart

   It is ok to be curious but to do it constantly is rude and disruptive

- If the room is closed, please feel free to message uni with questions about the home

- If Master and/or uni are in the home and do not respond there are possible reasons

     - chat is not working and they are unable to post

     - you did not post anything and left (poptart)

     - rt needed their attention unexpectedly

- if you have a sincere interest in the home message uni

      ( do NOT troll her)

- If you are seeking idle chit chat, it is not the room for you

                       Group is now members only                          


                                her Master speaks and she obeys ... without question

                                               It is the most important rule

                                              It is the mark of a true slave