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easy_redhead ( Brenda *)
Female Female - 44 years old, united states, United States
Relationship Status: Divorced


I am a divorced woman who is a mother of 1 girl.  Her father is no longer in her life.

My nephew is now my niece and spends weekends and holidays with us.  She is Kellie andhas her own bedroom, clothes , etc.  I consider her to be my second daughter.

I am 5-10, 135 lbs., all natural 38C breasts and brown eyes. I am naturally a redhead, and yes, the carpets match the drapes. What is your favorite hair color and style?  You don't have to be in love with me or make love to me. Treat me like any woman you have asked out on a date and talked into going to bed with you.  You know girls like us -- once we have done it, we can't stop and want more of it. I should probably have a revolving door on my house. I want to look beautiful for you so you will want me even more. I have noticed that I smoke when I am horny. I have been told condoms reduce sensitivity and feel so I prefer not to use them.   If you want to get my attention, then finish this sentance; I think your a whore because...........  Be nasty when you tell me what your going to do to me when you whisper.

's been a few weeks since i was last here.  It has indeed been a fun time.  If you want the story, send me an e-mail.  To long to tell on here.  Be sure to be as dirty as you can be in it.

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