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Making a Donation

Would you like to contribute to Buzzen to help us maintain the services then here`s how you can help. These Donations help with the service costs that help us constantly improve what we can offer you as our valued users. We do not ask for any set donation that is entirely up to each individual user. We accept all donations and thank those who take the time to support us in any way, shape or form.

What can I expect if I do donate?
  • A better quality service
  • More entertainment (including live events)
  • Improve our servers against day to day issues (flooding, security)
Buzzen Supported/User Created Rooms
  • These rooms are opened by users wishing to have their own guidelines, Buzzen does not monitor these rooms nor endorse any content found in these rooms.
  • These are rooms created by users but are fully supported by highly trained Buzzen Staff. Buzzen does not run these rooms. They are run by the owner of the room. Buzzen staff assists at the request of the owner.

We like to show how grateful we are for large donations by offering users a special gift where donations exceed $50 USD. These are known as our BSR packages. Each package lasts 365 days, but there is more we offer.

We now offer an option to get a BSR with a $25 USD donation. A $25 USD donation will get you a 6 month BSR package. Includes all the same support.

What can I expect if I do donate?
  • We already have a great chat community and we would like to make sure your experience on buzzen is even better!
  • We already have donations incoming from our bsr owners and we thank them very much for thier commitment to buzzen.
  • But just $1 or £1 a month from chatters visitng chat rooms can help buzzen services!
  • Any donations no matter how small are very much appreciated (a little extra goes a long way!).
  • How is the money spent? Well, monies collected through your generosity covers the cost of server space at the datacenter and maintinance of those servers. And upgrades to hardware where and when it is needed.
  • We endevour to bring you the best service possible so your donations help us to help you with and improved service!
  • BSR Room names must be unique, you can not use a pre existing varient of a room name.
  • Buzzen reserves the right to refuse the use of any room name at it's discretion.
  • All Donations Are Non-Refundable!

How can I make a donation to Buzzen Communications?
In order to make a donation there a number of methods you can use. You can use a current credit via PayPal. PayPal is a secure payment processor for, Buzzen Communications Inc. Paypal is the safest leader in online payments.

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