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Kobal (*, *)
Male - 36 years old, *, Canada
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Gorean RP Profile:

Kobal is a warrior born into the caste of Tarnsmen, his bloodline can be traced back to the fearsome Tarnsmen of Treve. He currently works as a mercenary and founded his own company of mercenaries known as the Lightning Blades. 

Height: 5 foot 4 inches, weight: 140 pounds. Relatively small for a warrior but incredibly fast and agile. He routinely engages in excercise designed to hone his balance, leaping and climbing ability to allow him to easily traverse terrain and obstacles others cannot.

His weapons consist primarily of: 

2 fighting/utility knives with blade lengths of 14 inches and forward curving, capable of hacking through logs and limbs. A pair of bladed gauntlets made of black leather, with 3 curved blades, 12 inches in length, resembling claws. A set of 4 throwing knives each with a 4 inch blade, carried on his belt, All of weapons can be stored in a satchel he carris with him, along with various survival gear. He trains in a hybrid form of sword and knife fighting desgned to be exceptionally efficient in extremely close quarters, thus preferring blades smaller that of a typical short sword.