Author Topic: »¤§£¥¤«'s home is the ¤Ţħę¤Ĥõļļøω¤£õģ¤ and the «¤Ŋσŗŧħ¤§ŧąґ¤»?  (Read 1933 times)

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:) Hello all, my nick is »¤§£¥¤«. First off let me say thanks to the Buzzen staff here for doing a great job with the site and chat servers. I have watched the hard work and improvements in creating a stable site all around. Secondly I am just getting back into chat after being away from it for most of the last 16 years. I started chatting on MSN in August of 2001 out of bordom and a desire to learn how to use a computer. I made friends on the Viper and scripter proboards and I was mad as hell when it collapsed into nothingness in 2006 and I wandered the many cloned chat sites looking for a home to keep me from the boredom and to continue chatting with friends I made through the years. Well I feel I found a home here on Buzzen and have 2 rooms I would like to invite everyone to drop in and visit every now and then  ;) My BSR room is ¤Ţħę¤Ĥõļļøω¤£õģ¤ and my user created room (for the moment  ;)) is the «¤Ŋσŗŧħ¤§ŧąґ¤»£õûņğê  both are just a relaxed chat room to sit and chat with others and hopefully make new friends.


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Your Nick is impressive. What does it mean?


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Welcome back »¤§£¥¤« and thanks for the input much appreciated!!