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Male - 57 years old, UK, United Kingdom
Sexual Orientation: Straight/Heterosexual
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A Gorean Warrior of mixed blood, My Father was a Warrior and My Mother a savage. My Mother died a short time after I was born. I was raised by My Father at Fort Haskins until I was old enough to be sent to Rowan to be trained in the ways of the Warrior caste. On completion of My training I became a Member of the Scarlet Caste. Receiving Warrior tags from My Brother Rowan of Ushindi, who gifted Me with a short sword in honour of that day.

I swore allegiance to Rowan, remaining fiercely loyal to him and the series of homes  that he led, such as, VLS, Treve and finally Ushindi where we had a Warrior Camp.  

We stayed at Ushindi until illness took Rowan's life. The Camp was burned to the ground and I left for good. I have a small camp " Ukungu Camp" hidden somewhere North of Lake Ngao in the Ukungu Region of Equatorial Jungles and I occasionally visit when I want solitude. I'm more inclined to wander these days. However, at the moment I am currently residing at Asperiche as a guest of My old Friend and Brother Judas.

Carries two short swords, one sheathed on each hip, three daggers, one in each boot the third in a leather pouch at nape of My neck, a thirty six inch round Gorean shield, two cahnpi's, a 7 foot spear and a Gorean helmet. Other weapons include a Scimitar, a Panga, a bola, tomahawks,Tarn lance,Tarn goad, quivas.

I have a War Tarn named Banshee and a kaiila named Defiant.

I carry bota that was gifted to Me by My brother Judas of Asperiche, I also carry a bag of "things"

~ Aut vincere aut mori ~       (Either conquer or die)

~ Delapsus Resurgam ~    ( When I fall I shall Rise )

Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.