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Current Mood: Sizzle
Female - 53 years old, florida, United States
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Relationship Status: Long-Term Relationship

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I'm a Dj with SizzleRadio and i love what i do!!!  I love to chat!!!  Hit me up for conversation anytime!  i'm flirty, fun loving, caring and down to earth....  i'll give you the truth all the time i'm not into lie's not worth it...  Kids i have one all grown up!  i'm single and I always keep a positive outlook on life.. I wake up Happy Every Day and i go to bed the same way!!!  I love R & B music thats my genre when i'm on the air.. otherwise I love all music ... well country wasn't my thing but with the request of our Webmaster err0r and the fans of Country Music i'm now doing Country shows now also and i'm loving it!!! I love Classic Rock,  Alternative, Metal, Blues.. all kinds of music... Movies yessssss especially chick flicks chat smile anything that has to do with music!!!  

I love my Sylvestor... he is Toast........... He's my Knight in Shining Armor!

There is a reciprocity that exists between Toast and me... We have a love that can't be denied.  I love him more and more every day!  We are not two we are one, we love each other equally.  He supports me in all endeavours as I do Him.  We love, laugh and cry together.  We have a bond that can not and will not be broken.  We are bonded as a couple in every way a couple can be we are one! Every time I am with you my darling our love only gets stronger.. There is a higher power than us that put us together!  He is the love of my life!

I Belong To Him

I Love Him... We belong to each other  <3 <3 <3

Thankyou my darling for being with me during one of the most scariest times of my life!  Never was i so afraid in front of that cat 5 Hurricaine and you supported me through that and rode that storm out with me!!!  My Prayers were answered that weekend and you stood by my side!

I did mention i love my Man didn't I <3  Baby you Rock My World <3


I love my fellow Dj's they all have a special place in my heart and my life now!!!  What a lucky girl I  am to have become a sizzle Dj its the most fun i've ever had in my life!!!                           


Tuesday 7:30 pm est  Tweets & Mario

Wed 8 pm est   Tweets & Max   Hump Day Happy Hour

Thurs 8 pm est  Tweets & Vipes Thirsty Thursday

Friday 7 pm est  My Foreplay show its Orgasm Night  Dj Leighlay, Dj Matty & Dj Tim   


Chat Quotes:


Troyღcĥęŕĩşĥ♕ : actually tweet I am not bald that is a solar panel for a sex machine lol

Troyღcĥęŕĩşĥ♕ : no dessa actually I plan to be cremated....get a preview of where i am going

update by Eclissi !!!

!Update: Icy will cut you, beware of her little frame, she will slice you in bits Troy gets entertained with kindergarden behavior, BH hates me...Miura seems to be happy in the room, VV is running away with Webby, Wes will officiate ....(love you gu...And Smack is the baby daddy ...All I have

ÁƿɧЯΘΔЇтΈ : I repeat, Cock Talk's special guest tonight is FireFighter Mike, Please submit all questions to me and they shall be asked anonymously

ÐΘwÑ_ŠΘυτĦ : i jus voted for

ÐΘwÑ_ŠΘυτĦ : ima get da russians to help

donsol : does not eat raw fish dont want to be on the show the monster in me

ÐΘwÑ_ŠΘυτĦ : fish makes my butt look big

Ⱳøɍĺøċⱪš : I am to busy watching tweets seat to notice any other butts

GeekyJi : screw marriage I just want a guy to open jars and kill bugs

ÐΘwÑ_ŠΘυτĦ : its TATA both..get in FREE

Troyღcĥęŕĩşĥ♕ : Fly I once sought "help" walked into the shrink's office not realizing My zipper was undone....doc looks at Me says troy I thought you were crazy but now I see your nuts

ans-serif,arial,verdana,trebuchet ms; font-size:13px">Ratta Tooey : Tweets made me join a bridge club

Ratta Tooey : we jump next tuesday

Troyღcĥęŕĩşĥ♕ : bridge is like sex if you don't have a good partner you better have a good hand

Troyღcĥęŕĩşĥ♕ : spunky we changed the name from dick hour to Richard hour...sounds so much more sophisticated

🐍Ĥĩššĩfeŗ🎸🔊 : My upper lip is the only stiff part on me 

ÐΘwÑ_ŠΘυτĦ : lol..I almost lasted 5mins.......

ÐΘwÑ_ŠΘυτĦ : its been hot enuff here to make a tarzan movie

™Cαѕϼєѓ👻® : Guess how the female dragonfly lets know a male dragonfly she is not interested in mating?........ she drops from the air and plays dead on the ground!!!....I've had 2 women do that with me..... bad for my ego 

♠bŗiän_jizz♠ : Troys idea of group sex is alternating hands

🌹Яŏşɜ🖕ƤɜťàŁ🌹 : whats so funny is that younger stupid guys think us older women are dried up.

ƬσαѕтƁυѕтєя : I think I slipped myself a moofie

HandSomeStranger : I got the award for "most sexual comments made but not acted on"

hazedfog : i just won the 2017 outstanding pure mind award for the third year in a row

Italian_LA : I hope he fucks her right out of chat lmao that was funny

Italian_LA : the funniest thing i read this week

interMezzo : skittles groped Bruce. Now he can become part of the #Metoo movement....

𝓦𝓞ℛℒ𝓞𝓒𝓚𝓢 : just when you forget mezzo is here she pops one lol

Italian_LA : yes peeka without you in chat i am nothing

Italian_LA : without you peeka my chat life is worthless lol