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Current Mood: Calm
Female - 67 years old, Neutral Zone
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Relationship Status: Single

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People come and go out of your life for a reason, but while they are in it,  never have expectations, because you may set the goal post too high for some.....and not high enough for others.  

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About Me


l am a work in progress.  What started as an empty canvas, over the years has taken many different directions in life and l have accomplished much not without a few failures.   l didnt overcome my failures immediately, but took them one at a time, saw the errors, corrected them, and succeeded.  At my age my canvas looks like footprints of all sizes and shapes lolz... guess thats the part about growing .. each new step adds too your stepping into the unknown, and each time your foot tred is that much smaller or larger depending upon how confident you are.  Well, me the person, I am a pranic healer/therapist, energy cleanser and spiritual life coach...  loves good conversation, cooking, gardening, most outdoor activities (due to health l can no longer participate in the more rigorous activities) but fishing is still on the agenda, music is a huge love, l love cleaning house and find ironing clothes the most soothing thing next to knitting. l love needlepoint for my recreational choice of things, but most of all l love the quieter side of life, where enjoyment comes from the heart.  l dont like gossip, l dont like people who talk about other people when they are not there and l dont like people who put people down, but my biggest dont like are men and women who pretend to be the opposite to what they are for kicks .... l have nothing bad to say on peoples lifestyles, l just dont like people who target people for malicious reasons and "fun".

l have nothing but respect for any person who stands up for their beliefs, no matter what.

We belong in a world that changes daily, and some countries are at odds with one another, but before being critical of individuals, hear their side of things, not all individuals stand backing their countries governments.  We all deserve to shine... just dont let anyone stand in your sunlight.  Thanks for reading my profile.