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Current Mood: Peaceful
ArnoldZiffell™ (*Arnold, Ziffell)
Male - 61 years old, *Kansas City, United States
Sexual Orientation: Straight/Heterosexual
Relationship Status: Married

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Thank you for taking the time and a mild interest to read this. Im a pretty easy going guy in general. I really enjoy chatting for the comical conversation and whatever I may be able to add to that. I enjoy getting to know people in chat because you all are typically far enough away, we would never get aquainted standing in the check out line at Target.

Yes, I do take my nic from a has been television star from the 60's. If you realize that, then we are in the same mental condition and from the same era of American culture (notice I said culture with a smile on my face).

I'm retired from Industrial Construction, but not ready for the rocking chair. So I am still chasing that all-mighty dollar by working at low stress and different types of work than what I did before. My Dad always told me to never quit a job and leave your employer in a bind, its better to stick around and make sure they STAY in a bind.

Some other wisdom imparted to me from Dad:

     "If your gonna be stupid, you better be tough"

     "Start using your head for something besides a damned hat rack"

     "If it has Tits or Tires, its going to cost you money and give you headaches"


Thats all for now, any questions? Don't hesitate to ask me, even if I dont know the factual answer, I will make something up that sounds close enough.

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