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Magic city mayhem (Claudia, De Leon )
Female - 23 years old, Miami, United States
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Hi people!

So a little about me: my parents are from Havana but I was born and raised in the US. Cuban/American girl here. Grew up in Orlando but moved to Miami several years ago for school after a one year stint at a community college. Currently a proud senior at Florida International University studying Business. One more semester baby and I'm free! Don't know where I'll be working yet, but might stay with my current place of employment and work my way up the ladder, you know? I’m Claudia, dancer/entetainer at Ocean’s Ten Resturant, Miami Beach. It’s basically a resturant that has live DJ’s, music and me. I’m one of the dancers. I'm the Miami Dolphin's themed girl at the work, hence my outfit. Btw, I'm not a stripper!  I (we) basically dance to the DJ’s music on our (my) little platform and around the restaurant. Like a GoGo dancer basically. Every girl has a theme, either a sports team or a sexy cop, etc. We have 12 dancers with different themes/outfits. You can see my pictures of me at work on my Imgur page link. I also help choreograph our routines and outfits for the dancers off stage. I’ve been there 2 years now and enjoy the money. Crazy job though. My parents hate it but they don't control me, I don't live under their roof anymore, so I don't care, right? Just a student trying to make it in this cut throat world, so don't blame me. Blame the game! A little more insight where I work... So anyway, that's my story. I'm here to chat, make friends online, kill time, chat about my job. ¡No culpes al jugador, culpa al juego!