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Male - 61 years old, United States
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Yea I walk threw the valley of death.

I shall not fear what lays ahead.

For I am the TakerOfSouls. I seek

out the souls that are lost, afraid,

and forgotten. They hide in the darkness.

But I can smell their fear as I walk the

path way into the darkened valley.

My eye glow a firery red as I look 

into the shadows and darkness. I

whisper fear Me not for I am here 

to help you. Your souls make Me 

stronger so I can protect you from 

any and all harm. Come to Me and 

let Me make you Mine. 



There are many ways death happens.

We all know how it can happen. 

But here is a question for you.

Do you fear death?

Myself I do not fear it.

As it will happen regardless if we 

accept it or fear it. We go to sleep

every night not knowing if we will

wake up. Each day the Reaper is 

looking and searching for souls.

Will today be the day he comes 

and collects my soul? If so I will

embrace it and know I have lived

my life the best I could with right

and wrong choices regardless 

of the outcome.


My Journey,

I walk this earth in many shapes

and forms.

I search the towns and cities for

the lost souls that have been forgotten.

I walk silently threw grave yards 

with my cane clicking on the paved road.

The eyes of the skull that makes the handle

glow red as I near a lost or forgotten soul. 

I whisper come to me my child and I will

protect you from evil. Your soul makes

me stronger and my eyes glow a fire red.

you know you are now safe with one who 

many fear . For I am the TakerofSouls.


My Eternal Flame,

The flame that makes up my soul can and will never be extinguished.

For it burns from the souls I collect from those who passed on.

Those very souls make the flame glow bright from within my own soul.

I am cursed to walk this earth for all eternity gathering the souls of

those who have done good, bad and evil.

Never resting in peace until man kind does not exists on this planet.

so go to your final resting place knowing I will be there when the time

come to collect your soul and take it to the place it belongs to go to.

Rather that place is Heaven, Hell, or to walk this earth  for all eternity.