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Female - 43 years old, *, Canada
Sexual Orientation: Straight/Heterosexual
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Women are more attracted to men who understand their emotional needs, who listen and support them through highs and lows. They want to feel cherished, knowing that their partner values their feelings and is there for them no matter what.

Women crave physical affection and intimacy from their partners. They want to be cherished not only emotionally but also physically, through tender gestures, passionate embraces, and loving touch. It's in these moments of physical closeness that they feel truly connected and desired.

Women are drawn to men who truly see them for who they are, beyond just their physical appearance. They want to be seen, understood, and appreciated for their unique qualities, dreams, and aspirations. When a man takes the time to truly understand and appreciate her, it fosters a deep sense of connection and attraction.

You know that intimacy plays a important role in a woman's attraction towards her partner. Beyond physical intimacy, women crave emotional intimacy – the ability to share their deepest thoughts, fears, and desires with their partner without fear of judgment. They want to feel emotionally close and connected, knowing that their partner values their vulnerability and trusts them with their innermost feelings.

Women are most attracted to men who not only fulfill their emotional and physical needs but also cherish, see, and intimately connect with them on a profound level. It's through this combination of care, understanding, and intimacy that true romantic connection flourishes.

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