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Solveig (Solveig, Dottiirsun)
Female - 25 years old, Torvaldsland, Gor, United States
Relationship Status: Undisclosed

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This is the role-play profile for the Gorean character, Lady Solveig.

Oh!, FYI when typist is cupped character is out of play,
all Buzzen communications are in char unless agreed upon otherwise.

 I am WAY older than the character I play.


Solveig (SOHL-veye) is a female given name of Old Norse origin.

The Old Norse meaning is "Strong House".

It can also mean either daughter of the sun or the sun's path.


Solveig was born on the Northern Island, Scagnar to a Seafaring Torvaldslander who went by the singular name Bjarke and His woman at the time; Alva Leadbetterhorn. Having had daughter after daughter born by previous claimed women from various ports visited Bjarke was frustrated and convinced he was losing the respect of His Men.

When Solveig was born, He ripped her away from her mother’s breast selling Alva away into slavery, proclaiming her to be a son to His Men before He then sought and bought a mute slave who was quite beautiful whom He freed once having her word she would raise Solveig as Sol letting no-one know Sol was a He not a she. The mute woman became the only “mother” Solveig ever knew.

From the moment ‘Sol’ could walk she was taught how to be a boy, from the way she walked to even learning to defend herself as well as fight. By the time ‘Sol’ hit puberty and her body began to change she had realized she was different from the “other boys” and started asking questions. Way to many questions, but it was also about this time of discovery that the mute she knew as mother was pregnant  give birth to a male child for Bjarke leaving Solveig’s path unclear though her Father refused at the moment to allow her to become the woman she was and should be.

Continuing her training she became quite skilled with Daggers, the Short Bow as well as the Saddle Bow, the staff and oddly Blubber Hammers, but as time went on many began to comment on her size or lack thereof rather which had her Father concerned the deception He maintained and forced Solveig to maintain, would soon be discovered.

With the constant fear of it being discovered His son was a daughter it brought about an idea that Bjarke would send ‘Sol’ away for sword training when in truth she was sent to the mainland to the home of His Younger Brother and His Woman in Torvaldsberg to learn to be a proper woman and have a Man found for her with the warning NEVER to return to Scagnar Island once settled, an action that infuriated Solveig to no end.

Upon arriving it was discovered it was only her Aunt there with two burly thralls and a handful of older slaves who took care of Her as she was a bit “touched” in the head leaving Solveig to figure things out for herself. Consulting with her Aunt’s oldest trusted slave she saw to hiring Guards and a set of Older women to come in and teach her to run the house while being chaperones and caretakers for her Aunt as well which truly benefited them as much as it did Solveig seeing as their own home was crumbling down around them not having money to see to it’s repairs.

It was two years after Solveig had moved in that her Aunt went to the city of Dust leaving everything she owned and that was in the banks to Solveig who by that time was a very unique and beautiful woman who many would say that thought like a Man while dressing like a Lady.

She is also funny, witty, musical, beautiful and down to earth and could be found outdoors in nature, sniffing flowers. She is almost enchanted looking with hair like a river of gold though many never saw that side of her or what she looked like as she was quiet and reserved keeping mostly to herself venturing out only when needed or under the cloak of darkness.

After finally venturing forth and becoming accustomed to the people of Torvaldsberg, Solveig took a couple trips and on her last one she discovered a valley next to Cacao Lake on the northern side at the base of the Thentis Mountains where the Larius river's source can be found and that boasted everything she could and would ever want in a place she would call Home and on a whim decided to settle there and start herself a Cacao Plantation

Learning of the death of her Father just after the harvest and the completion of her drinking chocolate recipe, Solveig decides to take a trip though she knows not where after learning the Free in the area has decided it was high time She was settled and take a Free Companion. It is her intent to return with an FC of her own choosing, or so they will think.

She will also return a business woman that will in time take her into the world of the Merchants.

On Earth date  11-16-18 Clayton claimed Her as His Woman. She didn’t deny His claim.

He gave her a pair of miniature sleens, Spike and Wench, She must train them to guard His Bees.

 Clayton having decided to reclaim his Family Hold, they started out by ships down the Larius river until they reached Thassa where after a few days of travel and a couple mishaps they turned to travel on land with Clayton and a few of his men out scouting ahead as they ready to travel inland.

Arriving at Verndari Hold where Clayton deemed His heirs would be born, Sol learns to love Northern life all over again as she explores the Hold getting to know the people within. She is due any day.

Clayton and Solveig own some slaves.

We are not easy Owners, but only have a few rules.

Our slaves are to be treated like a slave.

Our slaves are to be used like Gorean slaves at the will of the Gorean Free.

Our  slaves are not to be coddled or given treats.

Our  slaves are not allowed to use her profile to let the world know how she feels when upset with Us or a scene, she has a journal for that.

Our slaves are not allowed to address the Free in any way but respectfully.

Our  slaves are not allowed to use the blogs to post her feelings about roleplay, again she has a journal for that.

Our  slaves are to act like a slave of her training level at all times, no exceptions.

Our  slaves are NOT to act like a princess or spoiled brat, ever.

Our  slaves are to know if they are needing something they are not getting, they are to communicate that to Us and not act out to get their way.


On 5-25-18 took possession of a wild slave, collaring her and having her branded as Mine.

I called her ayo.

On 2-27-18 Clayton claimed ayo as His as well, she is shared jointly in ownership now by us both.

On 3-2-18  ayo was renamed «heiðinn»CS

On 5-30-18 I bought the slave formerly known as sariah.

I call her dha. Sold back

On 7-2-18 took possession of a lost wandering exotic slave named malih that I named and had branded the following day.

I call her eru.  Throat cut & released on 7-20-18

On 11-26-18 the slave emerald stepped into the bond circle drawn by Clayton thus becoming a bond of the estate. Solveig named her flower, then poviya and finally träla
On 3-2-18 trala seeing ayo, now 
heiðinn had been claimed by Clayton went to far in questioning Him about it and why not her and ended up indeed at Hs feet, dead.

This is My site on My Beloved Torvaldsland

This is roleplay only, no OOC within this name.