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Ŧhę·Wίήdş·øf·Ŧага (The Winds of Tara, .)
Female - Australia
Sexual Orientation: Straight
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I'm Complicated.

l don't mean to be impolite in any form, however if l don't know you, or if you are not a Friend from the Olde world of long ago or even perhaps one of the many new friends l have made.

Please don't whisper me, l have returned to chat after some years, as l felt the need to be in the presence of any other Alpha's here and meet those to whom have done nothing but, place a smile on my face.

They really are wonderful people, perhaps you should try talking to them, there are so many Special and Unique souls here at Open Minded, well, for me they all are.  

You won't find me interesting, because l wear a mask when l come into chat, to forget for just a moment that my most Dearest and Beloved David, died in my arms from natural causes, underneath it, is a shattered and completely broken female.

There has already been one funeral and there has to be a second. So please, allow me the good grace to mingle with my Friends here, to gather up the Strength and Courage to face what will be my final, "Goodbye my Love" on the 21st, and see Him finally Laid to Rest.

l knew you would understand and l am extremely grateful to you. 

l have always known that those whom need comfort, soft words and understanding go to the Strong, however, Who do the Strong go too?

May the Winds always be behind you in all the Destinations you travel.

Peace and Blessings.

Winds of tara.