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ãndie~ϯ°A°ϯ (*andie, *ϯ°Adicus°ϯ)
Female - 39 years old, *where He is, United States
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~Captured and collared by ϯ°Adicus°ϯ ~

Her story.......

~she was serving a Master when suddenly this man dressed in black with a mark upon His forehead came into the den and killed the one she was serving~

~fear settled inside of her as she was worried He was going to end her life as well, but the look upon His face shifted, a darkness, a sterness, and suddenly grabbed by her auburn locks, she was dragged from the den by His hand~

~she ended up at His lair and made to serve Him as His slave: domestic to sexual desires, she was made to serve his every pleasure. ~

~ He collared her as HIS own, placed the iron black steel upon her neck with the mark of his name, A ~

~To some it can be seen as Assassin to others known for His name, Adicus!~

~ Being the nature of His caste,  none would know the real name as she is not to speak it.  She is only to address Him as Master.  He has never revealed His true identiy to her, HIS slave~

~The journey begins!~~