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Current Mood: Balanced
ɗσνє (dove, *)
Female - 47 years old, doves hideout, United States
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Relationship Status: Undisclosed

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                                                              owner of the room doves hideout

                       *NOT Gorean...that ship has sailed*

                                              It veered off-course and crashed into a cliff

        * do read the entire profile, laziness is still not an excuse for ignorance *

                                        *Looking for a doormat? try Walmart*

  There is no right One..that much seems to be obvious

  i absolutely REFUSE to be a pawn in anyones feud

  i repaid kindness with kindness, it used to be that simple

  i do NOT betray the confidence of others ( even the undeserving )


  i am NOT interested in Your drama, stories, bs, slander, grudges,

     hearsay or any other form of time wasting nonsense.

*If the shoes fit, lace those puppies up tight and keep on walking*

my submissiveness is a choice however it is only one side of me


RP info:

~ age 21

~ smokey grey colored eyes

~ 5'4  slender frame

~ ears, left side of nose and navel pierced

*still not interested in perves and horndogs*


Any pictures used are chosen for ol/rp purposes only


If You are not capable of applying rules and protocal to A/all including Yourself

 You have no right to try to push and/or enforce them in regards to O/others.


*If You have no honor, don't expect to be treated honorably*


            i do NOT belong to Your realm, i do NOT claim to be

               Therefore, i do NOT owe You a damn thing

             Including a single ounce of undeserving respect



i believe in mutual respect, open communication, honesty, loyalty and trust

Respect is something that is earned over time

i will NOT simply respect You because You cap Your name

not mindless nor am i a chat slut

i do NOT jump through hoops because You think i should


No i am not seeking anything outside of chat

Not interested in sharing pictures or phone numbers