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dove (dove, *)
Female - 47 years old, some where, United States
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Relationship Status: Undisclosed

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                             *Please read entire profile*

                      Laziness is not an excuse for ignorance

                        Is not perfect but neither are you

                    Remember that before passing judgement

                   Our greatest glory is not in never failing

                     But in rising up every time we fail

                                     - Ralph Waldo Emmerson

*i do not know which realm i belong in*

RP Profile (NOT real life...Don't get confused)

~ rp age 21, 5'2",slender,dark brown eyes   

~ photos i chose to use simply reflect what i think my RP character looks like      


Characters Past:

~ When she was just a young girl she was dropped off at the home of the caretakers by her parents who always considered her worthless because she was born a girl and they wanted nothing to do with her. Locked away in the attic without a source of natural light, she was fed scraps in a bowl on the floor and beaten often as a reminder to her lack of worth in their eyes as well. she had developed no social skills, no experience in dealing with the opposite sex let alone other girls. The darkness became her only friend.

It was around her 19th birthday that she began to sense how silent the house had become. They had not bothered to bring her food in days nor did she recieve the usual beatings. It wasn't till she finally got enough courage to pick the lock and open the door she came to the realizaton that the house had been abandoned and boarded up. Apparently they had both passed away and no one knew of her existance. Now she was left alone in the world to fend for herself.  The next two years of her life she spent stealing food when she could and finding secret places to sleep and keep out of bad weather. Some times she wonders what life would be like if she was not alone.

*perhaps one day someone will see a worth in her that she does not yet see in herself.*



~ will not indulge any trolls in pervy, sick fantasies


~ if you enjoy the blogs don't be afraid to let me know

~ dont have time for bullies or horndogs               


*a delicious delightful thought flutters through her mind, causing her to pause for just a moment and smile before continuing on her way*


Sometimes there is no rhyme or reason to some of my blogs...i simply write what comes to me in the moment



~ owns the room doves hideout

   please do not dump your RP issues(drama,insecurities,jealousy etc) on me

~ i am nice to others simply to be nice no ulterior motives

  Don't assume i am hitting on You, i am not a chat slut


  No idea what the future holds, what is meant to be will be

  My personal life is just that, if i wanted it known i would have shared it

  In case for some reason i am not understood already, i am here for RP      


If you hurt some one then block them, just let it go so they can move on.

Do not tear open the wound again just to satisfy whatever needs you think you have.

Its not fair nor is it nice to do.


Not interested in rumors, stories or slander.

If you judge me without getting to know me, you are not worth my time.

I'm not perfect but i am a limited edition

A self-absorbed person only can see the faults of others

  But they are often color blind to their own.


totally unrelated to RP...tried a deep fried pickle and loved it lol