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Current Mood: Amused
ivy ✨ (ivy, licious)
Female - Oklahoma, United States
Sexual Orientation: Don't Like Labels
Relationship Status: Undisclosed

Updated: 2022-12-26 11:47:43 pm Viewed 1,056 times Likes 8

Long time chatter returning from a long chat break...

I don't mind a fun whisper now again, but if you can't speak to me in the room, I'm probably not going to chat to you in private.  

I'm here looking to reconnect with old friends...

Things that irritate me...ball-less men, liars, and people who decieve others.

My name is for my beloved Chicago Cubs and the ivy that is on the wall at Wrigley Field.  I love baseball more than a normal person...sports are a big part of my life.

In my former chatter life, I was known for changing my names it just seems to be a lot of work to change who y'all know me as.  Ivy may be the one that sticks.