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Current Mood: Enthralled
Mèlá (mèlá, rèné)
Female - 51 years old, A hop skip & jump from the Pacific Ocean, United States
Relationship Status: Married

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 I am me, nothing less nothing more.

Who am I?


Who exactly is mela?

Well, I am a switchy, little, dominant yet submissive Minister. 

I am not a cookie cutter... anything.

I enjoy every aspect of my mind & personality. 

I do not however enjoy fake people, come at me real, or  not at all.

To further explain, yes I am a switch in the lifestyle.

It takes a rare man (does he exist?) for me to sink to my knees and serve selflessly, 

but I do so love seeing a woman free in her submission kneeling before me. 
And NO, not sexually, BDSM is not about sex.

I  shed myself of everything & everyone I needed to. 

I do what is best for me, I strive to be happy, do you?

Soundtrack of my life song number one 

Soundtrack song number two

And because three is my favorite number, this soundtrack number three and maybe also the most revealing.