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Current Mood: Cheerful
Female - 20 years old, Nottingham, United Kingdom
Sexual Orientation: Straight/Heterosexual
Relationship Status: Single

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Hey, im kat! glad to be here, hoping to have some fun, talk to people.

am a proud antifeminist, i believe Male Superiority is the most natural, right and appropriate way to structure a relationship.
Men are naturally better suited to being in authority and control and girls are much better suited to be followers and servants.
It is how we are all designed by nature.

masculine nature is to be ambitious, controlling, protective, decisive, dominant, responsible...
feminine nature is to be pleasing, nurturing, supportive, entertaining, docile, cheerful, submissive...

when you actually look at physical.. men are stronger, bigger, smarter and more willing to take risks..
when look at history, men have built and created.. prety much everything in the worl.. all major advances, inventions, systems societies.. build and created by men..

so if you enjoy youre life, have something good in it.. its prolly cause of a be sure to be grateful!

feel more girls should be grateful, respectful and eager to make men happy. after all they work hard to make our lives safe, secure and good..
least we can do is be fun, pleasing, a bubbly happy ray of sunshine to lighten their load!

if he comes home to a whiny demanding brat only complaining.. no one will be happy.. so be cheerful, sunny and sweet!
if he comes home tired and worn make him feel like a king!
if he comes home stressed and needing you, be proud to help.

men are better than you so better for them!

in spare time am pretty normal kinda girl i think.. hang out online a lot, chats & forums & sites & some games & stuff.. watch shows a lot, read alot, books and fanfiction.. tried writing but not good at it
meet friends and stuff, and swim regularly both for fun and exercise

try to be honest and clear both with others and myself, not pretend to be more than i am, act smarter or take on roles im not made for.. better for longterm happiness i feel!

anyways, ifn you wanna talk about anything just contact me!

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