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Current Mood: Contemplative
Yasmina (Yasmina *Yasmi, Mina, *)
Female - 48 years old, In My home of course, United States
Sexual Orientation: Straight/Heterosexual
Relationship Status: Widow/Widower

Updated: 5 days ago 8:24:05 pm Viewed 1,212 times Likes 18

                          I am a friendly person ... some of the time

                          (that depends on you...Don't be a dillhole)

This profile is a reflection of who I am

Is Dominant and much more

You will only ever see what I allow you to

Not interested in being trolled

*digs into My bag of goodies* well damn I am all out of velcro collars

 Oh well...I guess its My loss LOL (Not that lonely or desperate)

To Me, the collar that has the most value can not be seen

     ... it encircles the heart

Any picture I might use is not Me

Don't get your panties in a twist

Went back to My favorite

I am Me ... nothing more nothing less

Treat Me the way you would like to be treated

I will offer the same in return

I do NOT appreciate My time being wasted

Play your games with some one else

I do have a sense of humor

  You may not always like it though lol


My sandbox is NOT your litter box

Keep your crap out of it



Things to Remember:

Do not shorten My name without permission

  - I do NOT like being called Yas

I have nothing to hide ... Do you?

I am not looking for a relationship

I do NOT always play well with others

My personal life is personal

You are entitled to know only what I choose to share

I do not divulge anything that is shared with Me

I respect privacy ... Can you?


If you are not able to grow a set to put yourself out there and share

Do not crap on those who do...they put a piece of themselves into it

Be nice, be supportive, be encouraging or say nothing

It is really that simple



I was in Gor at one time

I chose this name again simply because I like it

What I do or not do is for Me to decide

 If the use of the titles of Mistress/Ma'am will accept Miss from those who may be new(not Lady or Ms) makes some more at ease in speaking to Me I will be accepting of the use. It is a matter of comfort for others not a expectation nor a requirement from Me. (This applies to subs/slaves if that is not already obvious)


I have NOT nor will I ever use My profile page as a platform for launching personal attacks against anyone for any reason. For Me personallly it is not adult behaviour and I  will NOT engage in it.


Need a little humor now and then




My rules:

If you are under 21, don't waste My time

No basics of a profile ... No conversation

I dont play guessing games ... list a gender

Need a cyber partner? LOL No Thank you

 - you being horny is not My problem to fix


To those who think they rule:

You do not own chat, you do not pay for MY internet, You do not run My life.

Unless you matter to Me, your negative words are like dog crap stuck to the bottom of a shoe.


All the good you do will most likely go unnoticed

Make a mistake and it will never be forgotten


My views and opinions are Mine ... You are not expected to like them or Me but I will not back down on what I feel so if You have issues with Me, please find some one else to bother. I have better things to do with My time.


*If I am wrong in regards to anything I will be the first to admit to it*


New,inexperienced or simply curious in regards to the D/s Lifestyle?

(Copy and Paste link to a new browser window)

It is a beginners guide ... feel free to ask questions


To all of My friends:

You are the reason why I keep coming back

Thank you for being here for Me