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Buzzen Groups for the New Year

2016-12-26 2:12:04 pm

We have been working hard on the new Buzzen Groups addon. We plan on releasing it to the public soon after the new year. We have had a few beta testers but we could use a few more. If you are interested in helping us test groups please let me know.

Included Features so far:

  • Picture Albums with comments
  • Discussion Board
  • Custom Pages
  • Member System

If you have any questions or ideas let me know.

You can view our sample group with all features @

2017-10-09 6:55:21 pm
Thank you for all your effort.I have created Fantasy Island Community and a Corresponding chatroom in lifestyle.Feel free to stop in 18+.
2017-10-10 2:32:58 pm
I noticed in groups, discussion board, you cannot reply to posts? Am I correct?
2021-01-01 10:36:43 pm
Roofhopper....check my attempt to enter boarders...huge fonts that do nothing..thanks

Special thanks to Nuneaton Web Design