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2018-10-31 9:13:28 pm
Some of you may have noticed you get a Connection Not Secure message in your browser when entering a Buzzen Chat Room. This is because currently we do not have a SSL certificate for our webchat server. We do have one on our main website and we are in the process of getting one for chat. All of your information is secure and our webchat server does not use any sensitive information. The chat is...
2017-04-09 4:03:30 pm
If you are using Chrome browser and you have the flash plugin installed but are still getting the "You have no flash plugin installed" error, you need to enable Flash Usage for Chrome. You can follow the steps in the following link to see how. View steps @
2016-12-26 2:12:04 pm
We have been working hard on the new Buzzen Groups addon. We plan on releasing it to the public soon after the new year. We have had a few beta testers but we could use a few more. If you are interested in helping us test groups please let me know. Included Features so far: Picture Albums with comments Discussion Board Custom Pages Member System If you have any questions or...
2016-12-03 4:43:14 pm
If you are a room superowner and you want to learn more about the new superowner tools then please visit for more information. As always if you have any ideas or suggestions please let us know.
2016-08-23 6:47:41 pm
We have had several complaints about our "Most Popular Rooms" list being filled with rooms using mostly fake fillers. The current policy is to list the rooms by amount of people but the room must be a BSR ( Buzzen Supported Room ). The Lobby being first as it's our only Buzzen Owned Room. Many of the most popular rooms now are using large amounts of fake fillers to get on the list...
  • Jesica: Hey was it
  • Reconretired: I cannot sign in properly. It shows connecting/disconnected... That's all I get.
  • ƤȃρǻŴơłƒ: I saw that and thought nothing of it.
  • lee1258: where is that flash icon?
  • MrNice43: how do I enable profiles
  • Eyecu: Those just signifies you have a profile pic if there isn't a camera it means you didn't put a...
  • Mssens: how do the cameras work next to your name?
  • JP Sultan of Swing: I'm having trouble entering the rooms. I'm not banned, it's just that the page only appears, but...
  • Sprite: Yes, whats the point of bringing friends to empty rooms? If the rooms actually had active...
  • Eyecu: