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Helpdesk(Global Room) The Official Buzzen HelpDesk. Get live support for all of Buzzen services. 2 English flashchat
The Lobby(Buzzen Official Room) Welcome old and new chatters to Buzzen. Please enjoy your stay !chat smile 15 English flashchat
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!!!! Open Minded !!!! Come join our room, meet a great bunch of awesome people! We chat smile and support our sizzle Dj's djspin55Englishflashchat
40s_2We may be approaching middle age but WE ROCK! 18+51Englishflashchat
!Politics Without Borders!

DISTURBING MENTAL IMAGE OF THE DAY: Stormy Daniels says Donald Trump has “a dick like the mushroom character from Mario Kart.”

Trivia all hoursdance2chat smileTwisted Trivia v2.8.0chat smiledance2

redlighthighvoltageIQ Increase alert
Weekly Reset + privilege VIP for champion
100k+ unique questions & Unique bonus roundschat smile.
Weekly Champ: dancing picklemonkey dance elusive_butterfly ( 11569425 )
Scripters World    Idlers welcome,mIRC Related help - forum   

   How long before I get in?   
   Before it starts, before I begin?   
   How long before you decide?   
Politics Friends and FaithStormy Daniels: I didn't know you had such a small organ....Donald Trump: I didn't know I'd be playing in a cathedral. Stormy, I'm sorry for calling you a whore all those times. I didn't realize a lack of love by your parents leaves a hole in your heart only dicks can fillchat smile16Englishflashchat
~~~TRIVIA~~~We supportsizzle WELCOME TO AMAZING ~TRIVIA~~~chat smilechat smile ~~~WHERE OLD AND NEW FRIENDS MEET AND GREETchat smile~~~Come right in and meet some amazing players we are open 24/7 Hall of fame Congratulations all players usfootball phil59chat smileNeenachat smilelaptopjunquechat smileStandswithFistchat smilewoodstockchicchat smilegranny mabelchat smilemcwright69chat smileAliveNkicking1951 chat smilesswchat smileelusive_butterflychat smileusfootball15Englishflashchat
America! LoveIt-HateIt! DebateIt!

Hillary wants to give Kavanaugh’s accuser the ‘benefit of the doubt.' How much benefit of the doubt did she give to Bill's accusers who were labeled as, "bimbo eruptions"? Debate It!

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!TwitsWELCOME TO TWITS
!!Triviaholics Anon!!Trivia and more 18+ Come and join friends old and new7Englishflashchat
*TWISTEDFRENZY*Welcome to *TWISTEDFRENZY* Scramble Frenzy is here 25/8. Come on in and play a round or two. We hope you enjoy your visit.7Englishflashchat
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SizzleRadio Chatlalachat smileGAY, LGBT, STR8, Everyone Welcome. Hang Out With Us & Tune Into SizzleRadio. In Memory Of chat smilechat smilechat smile Leigh Lay chat smilechat smilechat smile guitar


~teri's Dirty Minded~                                   Teri's Dirty Minded!!!!                                   
                        Adults Only Allowed In The Asylum                       
        All Dirty Minded Adults Are Welcome To Come Join Us       enter topic”
Chat Seattletimmies Welcome To Chat Seattle timmies 5Englishflashchat
!!!!!!!! mens steam room !!!!!!!!!must be 18 or order to join the room and male only Welcome to men room.This is an adult only, chat-room.You must be 18 years of age or older to chat in this room.Your age is required in your profile.We do not permit guests.Hot and cold buffet served daily and open bar to must be 21 or order to enter in to the bar chat smile have a good daY4Englishflashchat
Chat Chicagochat smile Welcome To Chat Chicago chat smile 4Englishflashchat
I AM Borgborgcrimescenecrimescenecrimesceneborg
borg                                       We are the borg                                        borg
borg                                You will be Assimilated                                  borg
borg                                  Resistance is futile                                        borg
KewL Friends TriviaWithout a doubt, the weirdest room on the net (CAUTION: may contain nuts!!)4Englishflashchat
OutKast.FM RadioWelcome to OutKast.FM. Home Of The Dragon. Sit Down, Kick Your Shoes Off, And Enjoy The Tunes. Join the music at
The Pineapple Hutchat smile🍍chat smileWelcomechat smile🍍chat smile To The Pineapple Hut An adult room/18+ only, no exceptions. We support sizzle We have the weather bot too! Please Enjoy ya stay because we know you will be back🍍chat smile4Englishflashchat
!!!!!~ Leather.and.Steel ~!!!!!... Open lifestyle room for M/s . D/s . Gor . Vamp ...3Englishflashchat
EspressoBarThis is the Espressobar. Chat at your own risk!2Englishflashchat
HywaysByHedgesBethel†ChapelWelcome Bethel Chapel Online for prayer, any time 24/7-†-Worship & Sprit Check our our Web Cite>> see u in the Rapture Evangelist Eula Grissom
50s Edge50s Chat on the Edge!1Englishflashchat
Friendly Fun and Food Chatchat smile Welcome to the Friendly Fun and Food Chat roomchat smile relax enjoy your visit, we share recipes and just have a good time, Give Kitten, Heather, Ripley a hug as they do a great job here. chat smile visit our food site at usa flag1Englishflashchat
IRCwx CafeIRCwx protocol, server, webchat, Saber, and Viperbot development and general chat! All Welcome!
Latest Saber update (22-Feb-2014):
Parlor Chat
wine Where good friends meet.
wine Where silliness,insanity and fun are encouraged.
wine Welcome to Parlor Chat!

WesterosGame of Thrones Discussion. Plots, twists turns and characters.1Englishflashchat
"Humms Peaceful Retreat"Welcome Lets discuss spirits, paranormal experiences and some readings0Englishflashchat
50s Bistro0Englishflashchat
ArgentumA small Gorean City known for its Silver Mines.0Englishflashchat
Chat Miamichat smile Welcome To Chat Miami chat smile 0Englishflashchat
Emidio's Rock DenROCK0Englishflashchat
Gor-ThentisThentis, the Gorean majestic City crested high in the Mountains of Thentis. Known for their Tarnsmen, Tarn Flocks, Black Wine beans and the beautiful Veminium wild flowers.0Englishflashchat
Gor Port KarThis is Gor -
Gor Voltai Mountains HomeGorean home, gorean lands at the headwaters of the Upper Fayeen River.0Englishflashchat
Gor~Central Fire Tuchuk Camp~Summer Camp Southeast of Turia. Safe zone, outriders patrol camp during the day, sleen handlers during the night
Info Wars15 Username: Buzzen Password: buzzenfree
Also check out these live radio streams
JanicesRoomChat is for cross dressers, but all are welcome here0Englishflashchat
Rocks mr sawhorse and TRUMPLICAN0Englishflashchat
Screwed AgainCome in when you need to blow off steam. Or you might try just talking about whatever is on your mind.0Englishflashchat
Snow On The Mountain - Onyx SeniorsJust Because There Is "Snow On The Mountain" doesn't mean there is no fire in the furnace! This is a social exchange with lively discussions exploring topics of everyday life, love, health, family, travel, religion, politics and fun things focused on topics pertaining to Active Black Senior Living. All topics are welcomed, but must be tasteful and without drama. Be respectful of differing opinions. NO DRAMA! All violators will be immediately ejected from the room. Everyone must register after the first visit. We welcome you!0Englishflashchat
SPQR - Agrum Romanum Exploring fluvium magnus Nilus ~ 126 BCE.
SPQR - Insulam Capreae septentrio Island home of Senator Acutus and his dilecta Mánŏn, Marina Grande bay ~ 127 BCE.
SPQR - Stadium Romanum Circus Maximus, Romae ~ 126 BCE.
SPQR - Urbis Romae The Via Appia villa of Senator Agrit Aemilius Acutus and Mánŏn Valeria Veris ~ 127 BCE.
The Chronic Pain CooperativeTHIS IS A SAFE PLACE FOR CHRONIC PAIN! COME JOIN US0Englishflashchat
The Gorean FrontierThe Boswell Pass is a corridor linking the Barrens and the civilized West. Rustic and rugged homesteads are spread throughout this country. NO ZONES! Post a credible entrance to participate in the role-play. (Gorean Roleplay)0Englishflashchat
Vendara of GorGOREAN roleplay. Welcome all who come in peace to the oldest Gorean City on Buzzen ~ 20 YEARS Strong! Please be at least 18 years in your profile. Post an entrance for RP participation, or just say "Tal!" Minimum OOC, respect Whisper prefs and enjoy your time here!
VernasHideAway"Welcome to Verna's Hideaway. Be respectful and we'll get along just fine. Ask before whispering."0Englishflashchat
~Gor~Tarragon Cottage FarmSituated midway between the Fortress of Saphronicus and Port Olni, Tarragon Cottage is a small Farmland holding & Apothecray. There is a long driveway through fields of crops that leads to the Cottage, surrounded by a high fence. Within these grounds are the living quaters attched by a covered walkway to the Apothecary and small Clinic. URGENT Medical requests can be posted here
Un-Supported Rooms
!!!!!Coders Den!!!!!All Welcome old friends and new if coding is your thing you can just chill here and work on your projects all varieties of coding is welcome the aim of the game is to have fun relax and you never know you might just be surprised93Englishflashchat
Extreme Kicking ExperiencexboxExtreme Kicking Experience xbox
highvoltageB-E-W-A-R-Ehighvoltage We aren't responsible of any damage, you Join by your own Risk!pcbashsissy smile Insults, Kicks, Bans, Hacks, etc /
Note: mIRC Bots tests are Allowed, so if you dont like massive text from anyone just add the person to ignore and that's all and respect the freedomthumb_up Everyone is Welcome!chat smilechat smilechat smile
DATING OLDER26Englishflashchat
Gor Isle of HelistoIn Admiralty House on the docks4Englishflashchat
Staying In Todaychat smile Come on in if ya like, "We are not a Glum Lot" This is a Recovery Room for those seeking smile4Englishflashchat
Regulars Computing Chat3Englishflashchat
Sativa VS indica3Englishflashchat
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HEY ORIGINAL STEAM ! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!MEN 18 over and INVITED LADIES ESPECIALLY TINA FROM VA chat smile2Englishflashchat
A Florida ChatSUPERTRIVIA!24-7chat smile,21+ and ask before whispering,and PLEASE be nice!chat smile PLEASE NOTE: This is an adult room, Therefore adult launguage IS used chat smile2Englishflashchat
Democratic Round TableMr. Trump; how are those trade talks with China going? Before answering that, please explain a pattern that's emerged: Every time you get slapped instead of kissed, you raise tariffs. Is China your personal punching bag? And why do American consumers have to pay for it?2Englishflashchat
GGGcome on in : _) geT chatting !2Englishflashchat
Mystical Visions2Englishflashchat
Script Portal2Englishflashchat
A. CLUB GRUPO RADIO LIVE1Englishflashchat
Arabiachat smile حياكم الله نورتوchat smile1Englishflashchat
Chat Evangelico1Englishflashchat
CLOUD 91Englishflashchat
Harley Quinn's Suicide Squad Base!1Englishflashchat
Johnnys bar1Englishflashchat
The GF Community Pavillion1Englishflashchat
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