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2020-01-28 5:41:11 pm by audee in category Music
How do you fall in love? Harder than a bullet could hit you How do we fall apart? Faster than a hairpin trigger Don't you say, don't you say it Don't say, don't you say it One breath, it'll just break it So shut your mouth and run me like a river There's a great cover I found on Smule.  Listen to Smule cover
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2020-01-27 11:43:23 pm by audee in category Art
it's more about liquid texture organic morphing whatever thing lol 🤭 the color trend is rather electric artificial whatever that is again lol purple meets teal, or pink or yellow  at some point it's more like modern surrealism art  I'm so fascinated with the AR technology (Augmented Reality)  🤔 I  I 
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2020-01-27 4:38:23 am by audee in category Music
My life is gooooood!
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2020-01-26 12:29:18 am by audee in category Music
I used to listen to their musics all day, this song is one of my favorite from them!
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2020-01-24 5:46:19 pm by audee in category Music
Paul Rudd is so good at this
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  • mntp: Restless girl —
  • CAguy: Pretty EYE !!!
  • mntp: Yes — thank you — think of you often
  • audee: @mntp I'm still alive thank you and hope you are doing fine too
  • mntp: Hope you are well audee?