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Where It Begins

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Posted: 2015-04-12 10:21:38 am Category General Viewed 24 times Likes 0



A thought or idea is how it begins;

A vision or purpose that comes from within

It keeps coming back to you, day after day,

A thought you can’t shake and it won’t go away


So you find a retreat, where alone with your muse

You’ve shut the world out and there you refuse

To surrender to sleep, for this quest you can’t slake

Until you make it happen, whatever it takes


Cicero had it, Spielberg and Voltaire,

The list never ends of those who have dared

Take command of their pens; their battles were fought

Alone with their dreams that began as a thought.


Naomi Hinshaw-Hersh 9/27/2013

All rights reserved. 

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2015-08-25 8:40:30 am
Very Nice Poem! Also Enjoyed Your "Good Boy" Too ...
2016-05-15 2:21:42 pm
Thank you, JAGSTER.

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