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When It's Darkest

Current Mood: Restless
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Posted: 2016-04-27 6:47:00 pm Category General Viewed 58 times Likes 0

When your entire world's in confusion

And nothing is going your way;

When happiness seems an illusion

And you can't see the light of day-


When the conflict inside you keeps growing

And your life seems like one big cliché;

You're weak from the struggle, not knowing

If anyone hears when you pray-


When you're feeling alone and mistaken

When none of your friends seem to care;

You're discouraged and visibly shaken

And you want to give up in despair-


As sure as Spring follows December,

And the newness of life comes along,

So too, you must always remember,

When it's darkest, it's just before dawn.


Naomi Hinshaw-Hersh


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2017-03-24 2:54:16 pm
so sad to hear about your loss. I kno you like poetry....
2020-01-30 9:11:51 pm
Thank you, SGcowboy55. It will be three years in March and it's still hard to believe my boy is gone but as they say, life does go on and you have to pick yourself back up when it knocks you down, brush yourself off and carry on. I had a couple of Baxter Black's books of poetry that I gave to one of my sons. I have also had the opportunity to listen to him recite some of his poetry. He makes it fun! Thank you for the link. I will be sure to check it out and thank you for caring.
2020-01-30 9:13:20 pm
Hhm... I tried this link but it hit a dead end. I can alway do a Google search for it.

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