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Dear Emily

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Posted: 2011-09-04 4:10:25 pm Category General Viewed 22 times Likes 0

My Dearest Emily:  It has been almost two years since you left us.  Alot has happened down here and tho I know you was too young to understand why your dad did what he did to you, but Jesus knew it was time for you to return to your eternal home.  Even though you are very missed here in our home, you are forever in our hearts and very much part of our lives.  There will come a time in your dads life that he will have to answer and explain why he hurt you so badly.  I am not sure I will ever forgive him for taking you from your mom and your family.  You went to live with Jesus and are without sin.  Very soon will be your birthday and that was a day when your beauty brightened our world and that beauty will always be in our hearts.  Happy Birthday my beautiful baby girl!!!  I will and always forever love you!!!  

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