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Emily Birthday

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Ŀ♡ѴĪƐ (Lovie, B)
Female - 65 years old, Looneville, United States
Sexual Orientation: Not your Business
Relationship Status: Undisclosed

Posted: 2012-09-08 6:35:40 pm Category General Viewed 26 times Likes 0


HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY DEAR EMILY!!  Hope you luved ur balloon release on your birthdate.  There was alot of people who was thinking about you and missing you so much.  I know you are in much better place now, free from pain and not scared.  I love you sooo much and miss you daily.  Your sister Jayden asks about you all the time and she remembers all the times she held you and kissed you.  You may not be physically in our lives now but you are forever in our memories.  Love you baby girl!!!



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