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Male - 64 years old, Michigan, United States
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Kindness Rocks

A hopeful suitor dropped into a computer-dating site and registered his qualifications. He wanted someone who enjoyed water sports, liked company, favored formal attire, and was very small.

The computer operated faultlessly. It sent him a penguin.



May you never lie, steal, cheat or drink.
But if you must lie, lie in each other's arms.
If you must steal, steal kisses.
If you must cheat, cheat death.
And if you must drink, drink with us, your friends.


Intuitive guidance means having the self-esteem to recognize that the discomfort or confusion that a person feels is actually directing him to take charge of his life and make choices that will break him out of stagnation or misery. – Caroline Myss, Ph.D (Anatomy of the Spirit)


To live for today and to love for tomorrow
Is the wisdom of a fool
Because tomorrow is promised to no one
You see love is that wonderful thing that the whole wide world needs plenty of
And if you think for one minute that you can live without it
Then you are only fooling yourself


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